Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fox/Goldberg: 'Atheism/God/Big Bang/Atoms/Universes within Universes' May 2009

March20, 2012.  Below you see Carl Sagan in 6th grade on "Cosmos" PBS television 1980.  Sagan & "COSMOS STUDIOS" go on for 20 more years to PUSH an EVOKATIVE 'Atomistic Hierarchy before 600 million people in 60 countries and TO CENSOR the INHERENT 'Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure' of the continuum Einsteinian type, and Most IMPORTANT of ALL 'Pure Gravitatational Thinking and the EXTENTION and Codification of Moses' Laws that is INHERENT>  In May 2009 Fox news Hannity/Goldberg of course would like to explain to 6th graders around the world, why in 1980 below, and 'WHY in May 2009 'they' the KNOWING have 'NO GRAVITY with their "ATOMS"/BIG BANG and GOD".  You can reach them at hannity@foxnews.com, ontherecord@foxnews.com, oreilly@foxnews.com.

This is Carl Sagan 1980 "Cosmos" PBS in his 6th grade class.  See "Memoirs of a Child Prodigy" March 1, 2002 delivered via Fax to Fox news on March 1, 2002 for my own 6th grade adventures into 'Gravity and the Structure of the Universe.'

On March 20, 2012 I am NOT able to Tweet this video of Fox new Hannity/Bernie Goldberg on 'God/Atheism and 'Big Bang/atoms/Universes within Universes.'  This is the ONLY video which will NOT Tweet.https://picasaweb.google.com/116994138211106599367/EPluribusUnUmPhysicsBestOfCosmos1#5721986837158217410

March 20, 2012. Talking Pointto Hannity/Goldberg/O'reilly:  Hannity/Goldberg/O'reilly: To be a man you MUST 'ACT' like a man?  Are 'YOU an ACTORS Hannity/Goldberg/O'Reilly?' If not, then 'Are a mans ACTS his PRAYERS' in fact under the Law of God & do they exhibit WHAT he IS/IS NOT??

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