Thursday, May 12, 2016

Apr 29, 2016. At 1 hr 21min you here Gross in Nov 2007 distinguish how he recently called Washington & “the administration” granted UC Berkeley theoretical physics $12 million & they wanted MORE. Gros does NOT mention any involvement by him & Hartle/Hansma in the trial & STAULKING by the BUSH administration in 1985-86 to this day. involvement find above link UCSB Billing during SUBLIMATION/INTERROGATION/AMYGDALOIDAL ANNIHILATOR at 70 Westland Ave Boston March 1986 five months after laughing attorney John T. Nolan. GROSS & HARTLE were then in 1986 big & powerful at UCSB & are CLEARLY involved in STAKING & Laughing attorney Nolan 5 months after trial & his loss of $1.2 million for the NEXT Einstein whom was a child prodigy.

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