Wednesday, December 17, 2008'

The documented account of E Pluribus UnUm Physics is found on :
and see attached video. See video 1st, then see above
picasaweb/timeinstein for 'how' it is that Cosmos Studio's,
Ann Druyan, has censored "The BEST of Cosmos"2000-04
in August 2004.
Timothy V. Krier


tammy said...

Very nice work! Einstein.

Tim Einstein said...

Tim Einstein points out:
You MUST REALIZE that the REAL Einstein proposed in 1905 that the measure of spacial and temporal lengths(the lenghts of ridgid rods AND the rate at which clocks tick off intervals of 'time')DEPENDED upon your relative velocity with respect to the ground, or rest frame of the earth and sun-- which EVERYBODY from before Christ, takes as OBVIOUSLY the SAME for EVERYONE. In ~ 1903 Lorentz and Fitsgerald, proposed that rigid rods are NOT rigid and they derived exactly how their 'length' changed with relative velocity of earth wrt the Sun; that is the Lorentz-Fitsgerals contraction, the easy part. Lorentz and Fitsgerald ARGUED over WHO discovered it!! One thing they did not argue about, was 'time dialation'--- that seemed 'crazy', very CRAZY. ONLY Albert Einstein was BRAVE ENOUGH and LOGICAL enough,'Paucity in Logical Elements', to take that ENORMOUS UNPRECIDENTED STEP, and in fact he was for many decades called by MOST 'a CRACK POT'. (Read L. Infelds book "Albert Einstein.")

Einstein was only understood by a handful of physicist for nearly 20 years... The theory of the "Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure INHERENT the Childs Atomistic Hierarchy" can be understood, in the gut, by in excess of 600 million people in 60 countries, beginning at "11,12 maybe 13 yeas old." Ask Jimmy Carter at

This FACT is manifestly OBVIOUS in the paper in the International Journal of Gen.Rel. andGravitation,GRG"Rasputin,Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny" April 1974 John Archibald WYLER, Dept of Physics, Princeton University. Ask physicist-president Jimmy Carter who's morgage is 34 years overdue.