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"The BEST of Cosmos" 2000-04, 1

Saturday, May 14, 2005E Pluribus UnUM Physics sailed up the Potomac River from the Chesapeack Bay in September 1994 to secure "Justice the Guardian Of Liberty" and a film on THE UNIFIED FIELD STRUCTURE OF THE CHILDS ATOMISTIC HIERARCHY which is , UNEQUIVICALLY, the highest complementary Visual Score to the Prelude to Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra".
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The BEST of Cosmos-1 Video of ~95 mb introduces Carl Sagan at the Sea-shore in 1980. The pics attached here exhibit from "Carl Sagan: A Life in the Cosmos" William Poundstone, that physicist-president Jimmy Carter contacted Carl Sagan's people ~ one week to two weeks AFTER I wrote him on May 24, 1977 about the CENSOR of the Einsteinian Approach to the PURE GRAVITATIONAL UNIFIED FIELD STRUCTURE of the CHILDS ATOMISTIC Hierarchy--- as found in "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70. Jimmy Carter requested of Carl Sagan, that a 'message' from he (Jimmy Carter) be placed on the NASA "Voyager time Capsule" on the DVD "Sounds of Earth"---we will see that in video 4 here. Jimmy Carter --- got his way and that message it now on the interstellar trip; hence why has not the Earth and jimmy Carter, over 21 years, NOT claimed a film on the Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure of the Childs Atomistic Hierarchy??????........
The video of "The BEST of Cosmos" Nov 22, 2000-July 2004 begins with Carl Sagan at the radio telescopes in New Mexic0 and ends at 58 minutes with Carl Sagan back there at the radio telescopes, announcing the 'evokeative' atomistic hierarchy...that stirrs the blood'as 'One of the most exquisite conjectures in science and religion' and then, having reached more than 400 million people in 60 countries since 1980, refuses to exhibit the Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure that IS aire' present and quite obvious since 1974 in the International Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation.

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