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Einstein's Vision 1977/Jimmy Carter/Carl Sagan/T.Krier-1980

The documented account of E Pluribus UnUm Physics is found on :
and see attached video. See video 1st, then see above
picasaweb/timeinstein for 'how' it is that Cosmos Studio's,
Ann Druyan, has censored "The BEST of Cosmos"2000-04
in August 2004.
Timothy V. Krier

1980 PBS television
                VIDEO.  "COSMOS" 1980 Carl Sagan PBS television.                 This is Episode 10 "The edge of Forever" which begins with Carl Sagan on National Public Television introducing episode 10, with "The Birth of a Child evokes..." and Sagan goes on to 'bath himself' in sublime 'Light' with which he enlists the viewers unerring sympathy and  respect.  Talking points to American Journalists as Ted Koppel and Bill O'Reilly, Harry Smith at 
oreilly@foxnews.com, ftn@cbsnews.com
      1.'How old were you, your father, mother, children, grandparents in 1980?'
            2. In 1980 PBS public Broadcasting had spent more funds to produce the 13 part Cosmos series than it had in the early 1970,s to produce ''The ASCENT of Man'' series John Bronowski.  Is it correct that by 1980 VISIONARY themes about mans place and calling in the universe became the order of the day? By June 1981 the cherished friend & colleague of Albert Einstein, John Archibald Wheeler was PROPHETIC  in the ''American Physical Institute'' publication exclaiming that he is hunting for 
''the glittering central mechanism of the universe'
as "he punches the air with a clenched fist''
  "The goal is to find the plan of creation, period!"' 

 Science '81'was becoming the 'NEW Religion' and Visionary priests were necessary to convey that new message?  Question U.S. Journalists 2013:  Given the turn of events since 1980 to this December 2012, does it appear in retrospect, that Carl Sagan was disingenuous in bathing himself in science and the light of the children of the world, based upon the awesome PUBLIC RESPECT for science, E=Mcc and Albert Einstein in 1980 and today thirty two years later?  Were you by 1981 as journalists, competent to judge the FACTS?; Are you competent today in 2012 to judge FACTS?;  Have you and other American Journalists received documentation placing you in a position extraordinaire' or otherwise to make decisive judgments?

                   VIDEO.  "COSMOS" 1980 Carl Sagan PBS television.
Episode 10 concludes with 'the evocative Atomistic hierarchy' by way of "there is we are told..." & "it is claimed."  Listen for yourself about what else Carl Sagan claims about the Atomistic hierarchy & the artistic dramatic settings in which he presses forward a Visionary theme about Science and Religion. If you are familiar with Picasaweb then you will find that Albert Einstein refered to "atomistics" as "the miracle creed" in "Scientific American" April 1950 in his attempt to explain 'Why' he was attempting to 'Unify' gravitation & electromagnetism.  Consider at this moment that the electromagnetic field which Einstein is talking about, is the very electromagnetic field which electrical engineers & physicists, e.g. Hong Young Chang of Korea & De-Yuan Cheng of China, use to create the computer & physics which you are viewing 'right now.'  Further consider that Einstein failed in his attempt to 'unify gravitation &electromagnetism, which Louis de Broglie in 1949 EXPLAINED with crystal clarity, the insurmountable problem which Einstein could NOT over come.  KITP and Weinberg/Hartle/Gross/Wilczek claim by 2004, that they have solved the problem.  However, KITP has 'No theory of an Atomistic hierarchy' as does Carl Sagan & 'No theory of Hierarchical Cosmology' as did C.V. Charlier, Swedish Astronomer ~ 1905- 1913 and G.V. de Vaucoulers 1950-1971 "The Case for Hierarchical Cosmology" Science Feb. 1970.  The epilogue is to this day December 19, 2012:

             The U.S. persists in raving about 'REALITY CHECKS'                       but has NO HIERARCHICAL COSMOLOGY & CONDONES &
CODIFIES A 42 YEAR CENSOR--- April 13, 1970 thru December 2012. 

Carl Sagan & Jimmy Carter, the ONLY physicist-President in American history, are in 1980, in an EXTRAORDINARY historic position in BOTH Science & Religion!  Big time!  Observe an atomic explosion.  In Science, in 1977-80 there is NO understanding of ‘the nuclear field’ as it relates to the fields of gravitation & electromagnetism.  Gravitation you are quite familiar with, since you ‘took your 1st. steps in it’ at ~ 2 years old.  The electromagnetic field you are quite aware of since the ‘light’ & electrical equipment, esp. computer, IS electromagnetically designed by people like Hong Young Chang of Korea & De-Yuan CHENG of China.  The nuclear field is HIGHLY concentrated over a small region of the atomic nucleus & powerfully strong as ‘it’ holds protons & neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms, however, in 1980 the nuclear field remains ELUSIVE & we know very little about its structural relation to the fields of Gravitation & Electromagnetism & Albert Einstein himself was confounded by it from 1913 to April 18, 1955the day he died.
    The Scientific part of the infinite Atomistic hierarchy proposed by Carl Sagan in 1980 is dramatically born out in nuclear weapons & the HARD FACT that the nuclear potential is KNOWN to be REAL BUT, BUT, BUT it has no Universal Law of Structure as does Gravitation & Electromagnetism.  Hence, don't we want to know about that Universal Structural Law of the SOURCE--- matter?  Answer.  Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!
     What about the "religious content' claimed by Carl Sagan?  Besides Hindu is there any modern Scientific 'hope' that the 'Structure law underlying nuclear potential & E=Mcc' might have harmonious religious content?  1st,  Newton, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo were ALL deeply religious me, with Kepler determining the harmony laws of planetary motion, and he was followed by Bohr's 1913 solar system model of the atom which Einstein described TWICE as "appearing like a miracle" in 1913 & 'still appearing like a miracle in 1949!'  Einstein believed in "The God of Spinoza" as he wrote in 1929 "The World as I see it." 

      The popular misconception in 1980 & today is that Albert Einstein knew everything about atoms & nuclei as he derived E=mcc.  That is absolutely NOT true.  In 1905 Einstein did not know about atoms or make any assumptions about the structure of matter when he derived E=mcc and, today, thanks to Einstein in 1946, that can be shown clearly on video & explained on a black board in primary school ~ 6th -8th grades worldwide. 

    We know that atoms are REAL because when atomic electrons change orbital states, they emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons, which IS what you are seeing as you read this page. We have elegant ‘Laws of Atomic physics’ with which to calculate & predict atomic electron orbits and light frequencies/colors emitted. We have detailed elegant ‘Laws of Gravitation’ of Newton-Einstein, and detailed elegant ‘Laws of the Electromagnetic field’ of Maxwell-Faraday-Einstein. However, the nuclear field is ‘VAGUE.’  In 1980 there was NO ‘LAW of STRUCTURE’ of the nuclear field as it was related to the ‘electromagnetic field & the gravitational field.’  Einstein derived E=mcc as an INEVITABLE consequence of his elegantly VISUAL Special theory of Relativity & E=mcc is elegantly demonstrated in atomic & hydrogen bombs when the nuclear field releases up its radiative potential energy in the form of electromagnetic waves & photons.  However, the nuclear field by 1980 had defied ALL attempts to determine ‘a LAW of Structure ‘as it, the nuclear field, was related to the Gravitational & Electromagnetic fields. Again we repeat, Einstein, who derived E=mcc was ‘totally lost’ in understanding, or, visualizing, the nuclear field structure as it related to the gravitational & electromagnetic field structures. Edward Teller, my “buddy”as he stood at the board teaching “Nuclear physics” at Berkeley in May 1970 knew ONLY that the nuclear field had an ‘approximate’ guessed architectonic structure known as “the Schwinger exponential nuclear potential,” or, another potential known as “the Woods-Saxon potential.”  BOTH are educated guesses & NOT LAWS of physics, as I wrote physicist/president Jimmy Carter on May 24, 1977--- the Schwinger nuclear potential & the Woods-Saxon nuclear potential are NOT laws of physics as are the laws of atomic physics, Newton-Einstein Gravitation & Maxwell Einstein Electromagnetism.  To have your name attached to the nuclear field was/is a BIG DEAL since it associates you with atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, and, with E=mcc and Albert Einstein.  (The former link takes you to Satellites & the use of E=mcc in 1980.  Einstein & Newton BOTH knew well about Gravitation & BOTH had corpuscular hypotheses about the nature of light, however, neither understood 'the nuclear field' but both would have said that the Schwinger potential was a 'good guess' & 'now what the heck is that nuclear stuff; does it have a 'Law of Structure as does gravitation?')

    The popular misconception in 1980 & today is that Albert Einstein knew everything about atoms & nuclei as he derived E=mcc.  That is absolutely NOT true & Einstein dramatically describes his ignorance & longing to know.  In 1905 Einstein did not know about atoms or make any assumptions about the structure of matter when he derived E=mcc and, today, thanks to Einstein in 1945, that can be shown clearly on video and explained on a black board in primary school ~ 6th -8th grades worldwide. 

    In 1977-80 Jimmy Carter and Carl Sagan were in an EXACTING position in BOTH Science and Religion, and “The Evolution of Physics” since the proposal of an ‘Atomistic hierarchy’ addresses VISUALLY the  structure of BOTH atoms and protons and electrons, moreover, with ONLY ONE field globally present throughout, namely, the 1/RR Universal Gravitational field.  Hence the field you learned to walk in at ~ 2 years old is the only candidate for ‘the nuclear field’ and all one need be to ‘see’ that IS ~ 9-12 years old World wide--- French, German, China, Korea, India, Arabia, Africa….   This was the theory that little Timmy O’Boyle/Krier proposed on the evening of April 18, 1955, upon learning in the morning of that day about “atomistics” & the Bohr solar system model of atomic electrons.  In 1967-1970 “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 was produced in limited XEROX copies & delivered to Jimmy Carter on May 24, 1977.  In November 1980 Carl Sagan “Spokesman for Science” via Jimmy Carter advanced the theory of the child’s atomistic hierarchy on PBS National television, which had expended the largest expenditure of funds on the 13 part Cosmos Series, since the PBS broadcast of the series “The Ascent of Man” 1973.

Far in excess of the expenditure of funds & efforts by PBS national educational television, PBS invested an enormous, historically enormous effoer on the 13 part "COSMOS" series with Carl Sagan "SPOKES MAN for SCIENCE" TIME magazine Oct 1980 emphasising the child's atomistic hierarchy & for the 1st time no what would go on for 20 years 600 million times in 60 countries 'tossing & squeezing a rock' & CENSORING the 1/RR Universal Law  of Gravitation.

  De-Yuan CHENG of China & I watched it together in our apartment in Goleta at U.C.S.B...

Above we see video of Jimmy Carter and Carl Sagan who met in Dec 1977 in Washington D.C. which was 5 months after Jimmy Carter on June 29, 1977 replied to me and refused to identify the papers I delivered to him on May 24, 1977.  This association extended to Al Gore, Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan in the mid-1980's as they attempted to unite Religious and Scientific leaders world wide.  By the mid-1980,s my life was OVER according to ALL of America's greats, v.i.z. laughing attorney John T. Nolan, 'The U.S. Department of Justice, and Vice President George H. Bush.  C.B.S. news Washington D.C. was constantly informed and did nothing.

             Here we see the factual detailed biography by William Poundstone.
 Poundstone has been nominated for "the Pulitzer Prize"as was Sagan himself. The Pulitzer prize is the most celebrated award in print American Journalism & is awarded by "The Washington Post" which works in conjunction with A.B.C. news, next door to The Washington Post on DeSales St. Wash. D.C..  George Will "ABC Sundays" also writes a column for The Washington Post.  Picasaweb exhibits audio of myself at ABC news DeSales St. on Sept.12, 1993 delivering tape recordings/documentaion concerning Carl Sagan "COSMOS" "A Special Edition" Sept. 4-20, 1986.  I arrived ~ Sept. 13, 1994 in Washington, D.C. via sail boat from West Palm Beach Fl. only to be ignored and threatened.  Your chance for an International film very nearly ends on Sept. 8, 1995 at 'The Rock Creek Kill' & on or near Jan. 25, 2011 with the 'Park Police Save.'







Above CBS news Eric Sevareid on April 7, 1970 does not identify the "theme" to which he refers  or the paper "On the Structure of The Field" 1967 & part II 1970 which he was delivered.  On August 16, 1977 after writing Jimmy Carter on May 24, 1977 & delivering to Carter & Sevareid the polemic "In Defense of a Physical Theory Known as the Dimensional Structure" 1976, CBS news for Eric Sevareid PROMOTES the "theme" 1970 to a "scientific theory'' on August 16, 1977.  Neither paper "O.S.F." 1969-70 or the 'Polemic' 1976 are mentioned.  Had theWWW existed in 1977 & the letters/mail receipts posted, 'How' would the world have changed there after not just for me personally but for other U.S. citizens & the people pf the world, esp. the 600 million in 60 countries that Cosmos Studios would reach, inspire & wait to ___? 

   Keep in mind that because of the WWW you will very likely not see again what is being exposed here.

    Here we see that Jimmy Carter who ascended to the U.S. Presidency as the only physicist president and whom 'Basks in the light' of "THE WHITE HOUSE" does NOT even mention by name the "PAPERS" which he was delivered.  Had he done so on June 29, 1977 what would have been the result?  How would 'the resultant field of the 'AMERICAN BRAIN' appear today?;  'Duck-like' in 1997- 'Dog-like' in 2003- 'None at all' in 2009-2014'?

Jimmy Carter upon receiving the 2002 Nobel Peace prize immediately prepares in Feb 2003 a set of DVD's for sale on Sunday School in Plains Georgia.  Judge for yourself if Carter in 2003 does not 'bath himself in the sublime light of piety and virtue' as did his prodigy Carl Sagan in 1980 twenty-three years earlier in 1980 Cosmos episode 10 beginning "the birth of a child."  Further, the above 2003 video is thee years after Carl Sagan in 2000 and 20 years after the original "COSMOS" 1980, chooses in 2000 in the BEST of the 13 part series, to compare our attempts to communicate to "a messages in a bottle cast into the cosmic ocean" while the real message was ATOMS, GRAVITATION and 'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' ALL CENSORED by Sagan, Carter, Druyan for 23 years 1980-2003.

 This is the Amazon Kindle published "On the Structure of the Field" 1969-70 delivered to Jimmy Carter on May 24, 1977.  The U.S. Presidents responce is above and CONVENIENTLY the paper was not identified by name.  My aunt Hattie saw that failure to identify immediately as did my Uncle Steve in June 1975 when I showed him a letter from American Abe Taub which commended my work but failed to identify it since it was the object of the VISIONARY jealousy of the great American John Archibald Wheeler in 'The International Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation' ''Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny'' April 1974. 

    Below is the 2nd paper of import which Physicist/President Jimmy Carter SHOULD HAVE identified by name.  This is the polemic written shortly before writing Jimmy Carter on May 24, 1977.  On March 3 and 4, 1977 at ''The 1st. Undergraduate Theoretical Conference in History'' at University of Texas, Austin I was CENSORED from presenting 'The Einsteinian Approach to the SAME Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure of 'The Child's Atomistic Hierarchy which is found above in ''O.S.F''1969-70 t source of which was conceived on the evening of March 18,1955 upon learning of 'atomistics' earlier in the day in 3rd grade grammar school.  The CENSORED occurred because I had DARED to expose and PROVE RIGOROUSLY the vain glory FRAUD of the American hierarchy which 'came to power' because of The Manhattan Project, atomic and nuclear weapons and E=mcc.  Incredibly Jimmy Carter had all the documentation in Washington D.C. and he ignored it.  You find it by clicking here, here and here.

In the 1960's the American hierarchy was insatiably hungry for power and feeding upon the cold war since the U.S. had just developed the 5 megaton Hydrogen bomb replete with multiple war head ICBM's to deliver them.

Here you see from the hand of Margot Einstein on April 27, 1974 that in fact I first conceived of the Atomistic hierarchy on the evening of April 18, 1955 the day Albert Einstein died.  "I" was too modest in the Polemic 1976 'In Defense of a Physical Theory...' 1976.  However, had "I" published this letter with the polemic 1976, what should the response of Jimmy Carter have been?   What does Jimmy Carter at carterweb.emory.edu think of this letter today?

    In deed what do all U.S. Presidents 'think' of this April 27, 1974 letter TODAY? 


Indeed 'WHAT' do they think of the EVIDENCE presented on Picasaweb involving in INTERROGATION & SUBLIMATION that went on in Boston in Jan-May 1986 since these early discovery steps were EXACTLY what 'THEY' went after at 70 Westland Ave, Boston Jan-May 198 6 for the purpose of a FILM & to Interrogation over Electric charge/field.  

In the context of Februauy 13, 2010 & 'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' & Gladiator the TORT is refreshedand AMPLIFIED as it makes all the more Satanic the events of STALKING of Margot Einstein, Helen Dukas in April 1974-1981 & myself in 1985-today & every neuro-snap of my memory brain structure.  The Americans should be called to task:  Is the COMPLETE & TOTAL CENSOR of Hierarchical Cosmology EVIL?  Does Margot Einstein on April 27, 1974 reveal "the sparkling lady so very kind and genuinely honest to me" whom I met on April 13, 1970 when Wheeler at his insistence directed me there to see & disturb?  Is it EVIL to 30 years later slander at KITP the daughter of Albert Einstein who was STALKED at 112 Mercer St. beginning in April 1974; 'WHO' is proud of that brand of **EVIL** ?  www.kitp.ucsb.edu.


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