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Nov 6, 2012 Barac Obama, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore/TITANS of 21st. Century Visions

 In 1969-70 TimothyV. Krier presented "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70 which IS if you view "The BEST of Cosmos" 2000, the document which "TOLD" Carl Sagan about the EVOCATIVE atomistic hierarchy.  That which 'evokes' is NOT the childs atomistic hierarchy which IS that which Sagan 'pimps' 600 million times in 60 countries for 20 years, but that which 'EVOKES' IS the Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure of the EXACT Einsteinian continuum type, which IS INHERENT the 'Child's atomistic hierarchy.

In 1974- 1977 a 2nd and INDEPENDENT approach to the SAME Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure was obtained through the VISIONARY thinking of Albert Einstein in "RELATIVITY19191923, 1931, 1954, 19611995 when it was instated into "THE GREAT MINDS SERIES" along with "Newton, Galileo, Darwin and more. However,  Appendices IV and V in 1995 are edited OUT as not exemplary of a 'Great Mind,'  Hence whom ever can find the solution to what Einstein referred to as "The theory of the TOTAL field" and which, moreover, fits NATURALLY into either one appendices or BOTH appendices IV and V of "RELATIVITY" 1919 to 1995, would succeed dramatically where Einstein had failed.  That solution was found EASILY through the VISIONARY thinking of Einstein on pp 106-109 "CONSIDERATIONS ON THE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE."  There Einstein travels 'outward' into a universe of stars, considering ONLY the 'gravitational field intensity/unit surface area' that RESULTS from the growing universe of stars considered.  Einstein makes NO ASSUMPTION on 'What the stars are made of,' namely, elementary particles, and, Einstein PROVES that an infinite universe of stars uniformly distributed is INFINITELY "IMPOSSIBLE."  The SAME Visionary approach EXHIBITS with crystal clear clarity that a 'Hierarchical distribution of stars IS 'INFINITELY POSSIBLE and in COMPLETE HARMONY with the 1/RR Universal Law of Gravitation.  That is expressed in terms of equations as TWO Basal Structure Laws. Structure Laws I 'A Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure' is the law of Hierarchical Structure of Charlier/deVaucouleurs/Krier and Cheng and in a celebration of 'Paucity in Logical Elements is expressible on ONE page amenable to inspection in primary school.

  I. 'A.P.G.U.F.S.' ; II. 'the Alpha Lattice' obtained in 1974-77 based on Einstein's Relativity-- 3 pages--are Infinitely Certain & determined; Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology then follows.  That epic flight of 'Paucityin Logical Elements' IS far beyond Einstein's Greatest Expectation concerning the 'Harmony Law of Structure underlying E=Mcc and his 'Pure Gravitational Vision.  De yuan Cheng, from China, & I , together in 1980, watched Episode 13 of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos." where the Child's atomistic hierarchy was revealed, however 1/RR 'GRAVITATION' was flagrantly CENSORED.  Months later in March 1981 my Phd thesis proposal "Hierarchical Cosmology and the Structure of Elementary Particles" 1981 received a "brutal" censor at UCSB and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics.  I returned to our apartment to burn the papers front of CHENG who in turn 'thrust  his entire hand into the flames to save them.  The result of Hierarchical Cosmology and elementary particles takes its highest form in the structure and workings of the brain. See here the June 29, 1977 letter from President Carter's White House, which will NOT identify the papers which Jimmy Carter was delivered.  You 'owe it to yourself' to pause here and examine that letter concluding "With the presidents best wishes for success in the future." and no identification of the documents returned is made.  The facts then exhibit that Jimmy Carter, then in 1977, launched Carl Sagan on a journey to fame, wealth & CENSOR of the "EVOCATIVE" Einsteinian Pure Gravitational field structure.

Inauguration of Barac Obama Jan 25, 2009.

In 2008, 6 months previous, his image was portrayed as 'the Child Savant and Prodigy of the 21st Century' which is whom we see above signing into the White House Oval Office as 'The most powerful man in the world or the history of the world' according to U.S. Senator Chuck Hegel in  2003 dignifying the call for War in Iraq based upon the intrepid evidence of "W.M.D.'s" or 'Weapons of mass destruction.'  Barac Obama was also on that date in the position to release 'The Harmony Law of Structure Underlying E=Mcc' and 'He knew it.' 

Jimmy Carter, Carl Sagan, Al Gore, Ann Druyan 1977 thru mid-1980's thru 2004

Bill Clinton 1993 on "If you have any ideas I'll take them."

2008, four years previous his image was portrayed as 'the child savant/prodigy of the 21st Century.' 'A  leader of World class caliber "to work for peace"..."in the history of mankind."

Former 1st lady of Arkansas and USA

May 9, 2009  White House Correspondence Dinner  Spielberg/Lucas attend
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Actor Mathew Modeen “He’s a great guy! ”Charity for kids” say O’Reilly


'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' Feb 13, 2010

'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' Nov 6, 2012

1980-Nov 6, 2012 ''The Birth of a ChildF.''

Film CENSOR August 5, 2005 Einstein Monument Washington D.C. National Research Council.

National Archives Washington D.C.

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