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The 1/RR Universal Law of Gravitation & 'The American Big Shots'-Obama-Trump-Hannity-van Susteren

The Universal Law of Gravitation & the American Big Shots (A.B.S,)
 To assume that the ‘Universal Law of Gravitation goes EXACTLY as Inversely with the Square of the radial distance’ means unequivocally that ‘An Infinite Hierarchical Cosmology’ IS an INFINITELY CERTAIN theoretical consequence & ‘A Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure’ is INHERENT. On the other hand, to vary the inverse square law of gravitation by even 1 part in a trillionth, means that an Infinite Hierarchical Cosmology & inherent ‘P.G.U.F.S.’ IS absolutely IMPOSSIBLE gravitationally & the ‘effects of catastrophe’ mount up rapidly & visually. That is, gravitationally we can prove with INFINITE certainty & clarity that a ‘reasonable cosmological theory’ is INFINITELY PLAUSIBLE or INFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE. David Gross, Frank Wilczek & Ed Witten & James Hartle of are easily capable of verifying that, as are children in primary school grades 6th- 8th world-wide.

Albert Einstein & E=mcc

Albert Einstein deduced E=Mcc & Robert Oppenheimer & Richard P. Feynman in the Manhattan project developed the atomic bomb.  Edward Teller went on to develop the Hydrogen bomb.  However none knew 'what the nuclear field of force was made of, or more exactly, they understood the structure laws of Gravitation & of the electric/magnetic fields but NONE of Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman & Teller knew 'The Structure Law of the Nuclear Field of Force' as it relates to the Gravitational field, the Electromagnetic field & a 'theory of photons' --- ALL of  which come into play AFTER the mysterious nuclear field ignites, or, is unleashed in an awesome Holocaust explosive release of energy in potential weapons used on earth. Hence any hypotheses on 'the Structure Law of the Nuclear field of force' are EMINENTLY important in the evolution of physics.    

Above left is Professors Louis de Broglie & R. Courrier of “Institut de France, Academie des Sciences” whom on 29 June 1972 identify by title “On the Structure of The Field” and “What is a completely Unified Pure field theory?” AND to the right is Prof. Dr. Treders from Germany on October 31, 1972  likewise identifying, by title, the same work delivered to him.  These letters were never published or identified to anyone, until the October 2010 Amazon KINDLE publication of “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70. The de Broglie-Courrier 29 June 1972 letter is page 258 and the October 30, 1972 Treders letter is page 261 in Amazon Kindle for $9.95.  Prof. Dr. Treders identifies my home address in Oct. 1972 which is “15 W. 625 Virginia Ln., Elmhurst Illinois” & the address of my Uncle Steve and Aunt Hattie Pellegrino.  For the purposes of this document & American intelligences, my home from spring 2006 to November 24, 2008 after the election of Barack Obama is found here at my ‘Villa by the Sea.’
Who is Professor Louis de Broglie?  Answer:  de Broglie’s work & PhD thesis serve as the BASIS of all “Wave Mechanics of the atom.  Einstein & Infeld distinguish de Broglie twice in “The Evolution of Physics” 1936, 1954, 1961.  Moreover, Einstein describes de Broglie’s work as “courageous” as you will see below.  Prof. Louis de Broglie’s PhD thesis is ‘the source’ of thousands of PhD’s based on the “Wave Mechanics of the atom” & many Nobel prizes in physics. De Broglie’s work is ingenious & absolutely BASAL in the foundations of physics.  It is the only work that can be compared to Albert Einstein’s in Relativity & Quantum theory.  In fact David Gross 2004 Nobel Laureate for a ‘theory of protons & elementary particle substructure” is proud to read aloud from “The Evolution of Physics” 1951, to young people in 2004 at the National Institute for theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, Ca. & he had to read Einstein’s description of de Broglie. You can find that at & & .  Hence at this time E Pluribus UnUm Physics is “proud” to present the letter of 29 June 1972 for the 1st time on the WWW Blog.  The question remains for the U.S. President/Press, , David Gross & ‘Does in FACT Louis de Broglie have “The Right Stuff”?

This is “Einstein’s Vision” available 1974 but CENSORED.  To the left is “Structure Law I”: “A Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure” (‘APGUFS’)  To the right is “Structure Law II”: “The Alpha Lattice.” Structure Law I, ‘A Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure’ is an INFINITELY CERTAIN theoretical assumption for the existence of an infinite hierarchical universe of stars/galaxies filling, what was assumed by Einstein, to be an infinitely EMPTY region of space surrounding our finite cognizable universe MGA*.  An infinite hierarchical cosmology is in COMPLETE and TOTAL HARMONY with Newton/Einstein’s 1/RR Gravitational field.  An infinite hierarchical cosmology of surrounding MGA*--- gives meaning to the Universal 1/RR gravitational field of our closest experience and to the MAXIMUM gravitational field structure possible for ‘the FABRIC of the cosmos.’  An infinite hierarchical cosmology of MGA* with 1/RR resultant field structure IS easily analyzed in grades 6th thru 8th world wide.  It is the personification of what Einstein/Infeld referred to in “The Evolution of Physics” 1936 as “ANOTHER GREAT ADVENTURE” awaits us.

     To the right above is “Structure Law II”: “The Alpha Lattice.”  The Alpha Lattice exhibits the basal geometry for the distribution of elementary matter/stars in every MGA*  There is no other law of distribution of MGA* in Hierarchical groups than the Alpha Lattice which is the 1st & most stable structure of the 'Pythagorean Solids' going back to ~ 383B.C.  That is ALSO OBVIOUS beginning in 6th grade & futher uplifts the Einsteinian credo of 'Paucity in Logical Elements.'

           Timothy Victor O'Boyle vs. 'David Gross, J.B. Handle & 'The Viscous'

Structure Law I--- as we travel ‘outwards’ into an infinite region of space which we fill with a hierarchy of MGA*--- makes NO ASSUMPTION on the elementary structure of stars/galaxies which are the source of the ‘resultant gravitational field structure’ which ‘builds up’ as the universe of stars becomes larger.  That IS EXACTLY what Einstein did in “RELATIVITY” 1919, 1936, 1951, 1961, 1995 “Great Minds Series” in the section “Considerations on the Universe as a Whole” pp. 105, 106, 107, including an ELEGANT “Proof” of the resultant gravitational field structure on page 106.  That is, these 3 pages make an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of assumptions in order to prove a ‘BASAL STRUCTURE LAW’ to the universe as a Whole.  That kind of Einsteinian thinking is distinguished as “Paucity in Logical Elements” thinking.  Likewise Einstein in 1905 & 1946, when he derived E=Mcc on the ‘Equivalence’ of radiant matter and energy, made NO ASSUMPTION on the elementary structure of matter & energy.  As I explained to Mike Buegler of Texas Instruments Security in Plano Texas in 2009 ‘It is a GRAVE mistake to think that ‘Einstein knew everything’ or ‘had to know everything’ in order to derive E=mcc which IS DRAMATICALLY demonstrated in the explosion of nuclear weapons!!!  Einstein DID NOT KNOW or make an assumption about the elementary structure of matter or the NUCLEAR FIELD & Einstein, TOTALLY HONEST went to great pains to describe dramatically ‘that which he did NOT know but strove ‘with his last ounce of courage’ to understand.  What you SEE above is a celebration of “PAUCITY IN LOGICAL ELEMENTS.”  It IS EINSTEINIAN since it is VISUAL &SIMPLE which ironically qualifies it for a motionpicture.

    Here is an example of Einstein’s “Proof” & “field intensity/unit surface area”:  Pick up your pen & drop it.  You ‘see’ it accelerate downwards.  If now, we maintain the radius of the earth & ourselves sitting on it, but we increase the density of the earth below us by TWO times it’s present value THEN when we drop the pen it will accelerate at TWICE the rate as it does now.  If your weight is NOW 150 lbs. & we increase the earths mass density by TWO, then your weight would be 300 lbs.  The reason is OBVIOUS: by increasing the earths mass density, or putting more gravitational mass below us, there is MORE GRAVITATIONAL FIELD holding us down. 

What you will see below is from “Albert Einstein: Philosopher & Scientist” 1949 Paul Arthur Schilpp & Albert Einstein: His Life & Times” 1971 Ronald C. Clark--- endorsed strongly by the Einstein family, and from Einstein's “Out of My Latter Years” Einstein.  You will see placed on pages there, my addition to “Einstein’s Vision” which is ‘A Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure’ which results from the gravitational field structure of an infinite hierarchical cosmology.  Einstein’s mistake was that he assumed that the WHOLE universe was a finite island embedded in an infinite region of stellar emptiness and Einstein thought that he proved that on  page 106 of “RELATIVITY” 1919-2012.  Einstein had proved ONLY that a 'UNIFORM' distribution of matter/stars/galaxies was "IMPOSSIBLE."  In 6th grade I agreed, however, I entertained the possibility of an infinite hierarchical universe of stars and galaxies which IS quite possible.

    In hind sight you have to realize that Einstein’s MISTAKE on the SIZE of the ‘UNIVERSE OF STRUCTURE’ resulted in the ‘state of knowledge’ in his formative childhood years, 1879-1887 ages 0- 8 years when we become keenly aware of the world around us and establish 'GREAT EXPECTATIONS.' 

     As you observe 1949 “Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist ” keep in mind that the Christmas of 1949 “I” conducted ‘gravity experiments’ that would have stunned Newton & Einstein quite delightfully. I delivered that account “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” March 1, 2002 to the U.S. President/Press/Al Gore-D.N.C. VIA FAX.  The result speaks for itself--- I am LUCKY to be alive & NOTHING “I” have done will be sold but will continue to be CENSORED by the U.S. Hierarchy President/Congress/Press/NationalAcademies & especially,,
"Albert Einstein has a special place in the the twentieth century’s intellectual history.  He was a scientist, but a scientist whose ideas so changed our fundamental theories and perceptions of reality, and so influenced all aspects of our culture, that he created an entire philosophical climate.  To achieve such a radical re-thinking of our universe, he had to go beyond scientific experimentation and conservative hypothesis into extremely deep realms of speculation.".

"The Library of Living Philosophers volume VII.  The first volume of The Library of Living Philosophers appeared in 1939, the brainchild of the late professor Paul Arthur Schilpp.
The Library of Living Philosophers includes “The Philosophy of …Alfred North Whitehead(1941, 1951)…  Bertrand Russell(1944, 1971).. Jean-Paul Sarte (1981)...”
 "In Preparation “The Philosophy of…      [[‘the next ‘GREAT MIND’ of the 20th-21st century- perhaps you are that "great, great, great" person as Shawn Hannity Fox news would recognize with Bob Beckel on his panel discussing 'the greats.'’]]....  "the above reads on "Hahn is the author of “Enhancing cultural interflow between East and West”(1988), “A Contextualistic Theory of Perception” (1942)…and (with John Dewey and others) “Value: A Co-operative Inquiry (1949)."
“The interpretive and critical discussions of various phrases of a great thinker’s work and, most of all, the reply of the thinker himself, are bound to lead the reader to the works of the philosopher himself.
At the same time there is no denying that different experts find different ideas in the writings of the same philosopher….. 
“With this in mind The Library of Living Philosophers expects to publish at more or less regular intervals a volume on each of the greater among the world’s living philosophers.  In each case bring together… criticisms of a wide range of that particular thinker’s scholarly contemporaries, each of whom will be given a free hand to discuss the specific phasees of the thinkers work which has been assigned to him.” 

“First, a series of expository and critical articles written by the leading exponents and opponents of the philosopher’s thought;
Second, the reply to the critics and commentators by the philosopher himself; 
Third, an intellectual autobiography of the thinker whenever this can be secured; in any case an authoritative and authorized biography;
Fourth, a biography of the writings of the philosopher to provide a ready instrument to give access to his writings and thought.”
 Comment Jan 16, 2013:  In the case of E Pluribus UnUm Physics the First & Third categories are found in “In Defense of a Physical Theory Known as The Dimensional Structure” 1976 available since Oct 2010 on KINDLE Amazon &  “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” March 1, 2002 FAXED to U.S. President/U.S. Press & registered Library of Congress Dec. 2003.  The theory itself which will change man’s conception of himself as an evolutionary ‘creature of beauty’ in the universe is found in “On the Structure of The Field1969-70 available since Oct 2010 on KINDLE Amazon $9.95 since Oct 2012

     Second category ‘reply to critics’ concerning the CENSOR of Hierarchical Cosmology, myself, the Sweed C.V/ Charlier & De yuan CHENG of China, can be seen on the Dan Rather C.B.S. news story “The Will to Survive” Oct 1985 which is neurosurgery film of myself exclaiming “There IS a GOD!” and “The Universe IS a miracle!” & proceeding to advance a verbal will and describing my life, including my experiences with Professor Hans Albert Einstein at Berkeley in 1971-73.  There were six doctors present, including Arnold Menezes, Marshall Poor & Rick Turner as I described Hans Albert as “He was his father’s son alright.  I never knew that I would miss him so much!”  This CBS news story Oct 1985 during the time of laughing attorney John T. Nolan, I have heard that foreign news has.  That should be made available to others while I am still alive, since the Americans DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT ME TO BE A LIVING PHILOSOPHER.  ( I am fortunate to be allowed to BLOG).

“What really interests me is whether God could have created the world any differently, in other words, whether the demand for logical simplicity leaves any freedom at all.”  A. Einstein

“Then I would feel sorry for the good Lord.  The theory is correct anyway.”  Albert Einstein                                      
“The four men who laid the foundations of physics upon which I have been able to construct my theory are Galileo, Newton, Maxwell and Lorentz.”  A. Einstein 1922.                        

On page 674 Einstein describes his attempts to describe a quantum material particle with a continum field theory of electromagnetism & gravitation as "like an attempt to breathe in empty space." Einstein goes onto pp 683 to through what IS 'the insult of the 20th century' by describing 'an important theoretical physicist' whom Einstein never identifies by name.  The following page 684 Einstein describes himself which IS EVERYTHING BUT that which IS the 'important theoretical physicist.'

If Einstein made no assumption on the elementary structure of matter/photons in 1905 & 1946 in order to derive E=mcc which is NOT a law of structure to the nuclear field or ‘The Harmony Law of Structure to E=Mcc & the nuclear field, the perspicacious question of the 21st century IS:
When a Harmony Law of Structure is advanced will it be Einsteinian?  Namely, will it exhibit 

                                                     1. “Childlike Curiosity

                                                     2. Elegant Visual Thinking 

                                                     3. Express a NEW form of 
                                                        “Symmetry in Nature”??? 

Will it have anything to do with cultural values and/ or American values?

6 January 2013
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              On 6 January 1970 exactly forty-three years ago to this day, John Archibald Wheeler replied to the paper "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70.  That  paper was the culmination of my childhood curiosities into the fields of gravitation, manetism & their 'SOURCE' namely 'Elementary matter.  That paper is now available on Amazon Kindle for $9.95.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “O.S.F.” 1969-70  Oct 1, 2010 PUBLISHED                               

The photon NP-1 IS the Graviton.   It carries NO electrical charge.   The photon/graviton is accelerated only gravitationally and NOT electrically.  It is accelerated directly proportional to its gravitational mass & it’s gravitational mass resists acceleration directly proportionally to its mass, that is, m(gravitational)=m(inertial) and ALL criteria established by DE Broglie are met/satisfied.
If the photon carries electrical charge then the theory of Hierarchical Cosmology & ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ is WRONG/NOT a REALITY.  Einstein/DE Broglie would agree IMMEDIATELY.  6th-8th grade students can ‘see’ that.
KITP TOTALLY CENSORS HIERARCHICL COSMOLOGY   &    ASKS   “WHAT IS QUANTUM GRAVITY?”  Oct 2004                                                                                                          

The photon NP-1 IS the Graviton.   It carries NO electrical charge.   The photon/graviton is accelerated only gravitationally and NOT electrically.  It is accelerated directly proportional to its gravitational mass & it’s gravitational mass resists acceleration directly proportionally to its mass, that is, m(gravitational)=m(inertial) and ALL criteria established by DE Broglie are met/satisfied.
If the photon carries electrical charge then the theory of Hierarchical Cosmology & ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ is WRONG/NOT a REALITY.  Einstein/DE Broglie would agree IMMEDIATELY.  6th-8th grade students can ‘see’ that.

Notice that the above photographs were taken on September 16, 2002.  I later registered in December 
2003 at the "Library of Congress" photographs, tape recordings, documents pertaining to Cultural Autonomy and Health where I was working at The Double Tree Hotel, National Airport, Pentagon City.  There you can enjoy the finest dinners prepaired by Chef Sam Kerdnat at "Window Over Washington" with a view of The WHITE HOUSE.

1.14.2013     Ronald W. Clark is an Englishman.  His biographies are ‘REALITY’ portraits of REAL MEN.  Here we see Albert Einstein.  Would Einstein and his family agree with ‘this’ literary portrait of Albert Einstein?  How would this literary portrait of Albert Einstein by a foreign biographer, compare to that of an American biographer?  Biographers precede and go hand in hand with the production of films about historic people and events.  Given that today we have a new theory and ‘Heir Apparent to Albert Einstein’ viz. Ed Witten, will that person’s biographer be as important as Albert Einstein’s biographers in order that an ACCURATE FILM about the person and theory can be produced??  In the case of Hierarchical Cosmology & ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology can Americas major motion picture studios, directors MGM, Warner Bros., P.B.S., Nova, 20th Century Fox the U.S. Press, Historical Societies be expected or TRUSTED to ‘TELL the TRUTH’ to the world so that they can parade around at the Hollywood Academy Awards?  (I have just heard radio news that ‘IT’ happened last night & Spielberg did not win.)

“According to classical physics, the electrons orbiting the nucleus of Rutherford’s atom would lose energy by radiation and inevitably spiral into the nucleus itself, giving out as they did so a CONTINUOUS spectrum of radiation.  But this did not happen; instead, free atoms radiated certain specific and discrete frequencies that were characteristic of the atoms concerned.”  ……  Einstein recognized the greatness of Bohr’s achievements however much he might fear for the future of physics, and in his autobiographical notes of 1949 emphasize how he felt at the time.  The work of the previous decade, he said, had undermined the foundation of physics.  “That this insecure and contradictory foundation was sufficient to enable a man of Bohr’s unique instinct and tact to discover the major laws of spectral lines of the electron shells of the atom together with the significance of chemistry, appeared to me like a miracle—and appears to me as a miracle even today.  This is the highest form of musicality in the sphere of thought.”

“Einstein awoke in Berlin on the morning of November 7, 1919, to find himself famous… The Times, arrived in the German capital.  Under “The Fabric of the Universe,” The Times stated that “the scientific conception of the fabric of the universe must be changed.”… it concluded thus “But it is confidently believed by the greatest experts that enough has been done to overthrow the certainty of ages, and to require a new philosophy of the universe, a philosophy that will sweep away nearly all that has hitherto been accepted as the axiomatic basis of physical thought.”
  “This was strong meat.  Its effect was not lessened by accounts in other papers, which with few exceptions agreed that the world would never appear the same again.  Attention turned to the man responsible.

“Throughout the day Einstein was visited by an almost continuous stream of reporters….  But before the end of the month he was in touch with a young correspondent for Nature and had agreed to contribute an article to The Times.  …. the situation in Britain.  “The talk here is of nothing but Einstein,” he said, “and if he were to come here now I think he would be welcomed like a victorious general.”  …..  “Quite apart from the great scientific value of his brilliant theory, Einstein has done mankind an incalculable service.”

Above, Einstein in 1921 at 42 years old with U.S. President Harding in U.S.A.  In 1987 “I” was 41 years old and being advised by U.S. Social Security to “Ha! Ha! Ha! Play the game..” Carmel California, Big Sur” where Carl Sagan American Savant films “Cosmos” 1980 & his colleague Timothy Ferris film “Creation of the Universe” 1985-1997.

Einstein upper left ~ 11 years old in 1890, Ulm Germany.  Myself right ~ 11 years old 1957 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. A..  One must realize that when Einstein was a boy, the universe was no bigger than the ‘Milky Way of stars.’  It was NOT even known that our Milky Way was a galaxy of stars & that ‘billions of such galaxies existed.’  Also by 11 years old my INTENSE experiments with gravity, magnets & ‘VISUAL’ inquiry into ‘the Structure law of the SOURCE’ had occurred more than half a lifetime previous, i.e. at ages three & four years old.
To the bottom right you see Einstein in 1911 at 32 years old with his wife.  On April 11, 1970 I proposed to my future wife.  I am now 67 years old & similar to Einstein in 1949 biography page 1, explaining ‘Why & How “I” am still alive’ & writing an “obituary.” 

                                               Albert Einstein at age 60 years old.

                                               Dedication by John Archibald Wheeler on April 23, 1979 after "The "Einstein Centennial Symposium" March 4 thru 9, 1979.  Notice the beautiful picture of Einstein sailing at the age of 60.

                                                   'As long as I live' A,Einstein.

                                       Lincoln Monument.  Gettysburg Address.
     It is good to keep in mind that "I" recited the Gettysburg address in 1959 as the 1st 2nd term mayor in the history of Falconer school.

If 6th grade students world wide can not 'see' CLEARLY what had happened here in 1979 with Margot Einstein & Helen Dukas present & presumably still being terroized by phone calls since April 1974 then the world IS indeed in SAD shape.  I now retain the "SPACE TIME" Tilor & Wheeler physics book which the U.S. Congress in late 1990's would NOT let me have, claming as I was told by Library staff, that the Congress thought that I"you (I)might use it to develop an atomic bomb."
    As reported on Picasaweb on Friday Feb. 22, 2013, four days ago, I worked as a 'Rolling Chair Operator, Board Walk Atlantic City.  For 10 hours work I profited $38.00 which is $3.80/hour.  Before I left Washington D.C. in June 2011 I was invited to Iran to work on uranium enrichment.  There would be a salary but that was not mentioned.  As you see here I have been denied advertising & revenue which comes from it.  I must now come up with $100 in 2-1/2 days from Chair Rolling, for room rent.  I lived for free in my Villa Wash. D.C.  Isn't Fox news going to send someone down to ride in my chair?

  'Villa by the Sea'  Spring 2006 thru Nov. 23, 2006.


 I have entered the WWW on May 14, 2005.  The U.S. Congress ~ Sept 2005 has sent a VERY CLEAR messenger to warn me the the entire WORLD will "cheat, stael, rob" me in the film proposed on May, 24, 2005.

 I have entered the WWW on May 14, 2005.  The U.S. Congress ~ Sept 2005 has sent a VERY CLEAR messenger to warn me the the entire WORLD will "cheat, steal, rob" me in the film proposed on May, 24, 2005.  In July 2002 I am being trained at DoubleTree Hotel Pentagon City to clean Toilets, Urinals, Sinks simultaneously from the same bucket--- I INSIST THAT THEY STOP IT!!!! and they DO NOT.  I expose the FRAUD via pictures, Tape recordings & delivered them to the entire U.S. Press, Washington D.C. including N.B.C. up past Embassy row, Massachusetts Ave.  I am fired at the DoubleTREE by Faith Grant Human Resources Director whom inquires if I delivered my evidence to "FOX NEWS"?  I reply "YES."  Witnesses were Executive Chef Steve Sekula and Director of Security Wilfredo Gonzales BOTH **** Honest Decent MEN.  I regret to report that the names of NO OTHER news agencies were mentioned.  In retrospect the question arises however, 'Why did NOT Bob Schieffer step in to assist?'  In Dec. 2003 the evidence was registered at The U.S. Library of Congress.   Bill Bennett & Senator John McCain had also received the evidence, same identical evidence delivered to everyone.  No one replied except as follows:  At the Lib of Congress Science Reading room which you see in my videos, Tony Blankley of "The McLaughlin Group" Sunday morning news, walked by me, seated at the left corner of the table.  Blankley walked slowly by me with Constance Carter, the Head Librarian and looked at me as he spoke and said "Then Conny bile and that is NOT part of the Human body?"  Conny replied stearnly "NO IT IS NOT."  That was a MAJOR EVENT in 'Americans being HONEST."  In fact Tony Blackly lives in Virginia and has very likely had dinner at "Windows Over Washington"  which looks out upon The White House Oval Office.  Hillary  Clinton had her Senate Funding raising campaign there at Windows Over Washington & The Potomac Room, & Virginia Govern's hold there affairs there.  Generals from the Pentagon meet there at "The Potomac View Room."

"Atomic Structure and Gravity" & "The most gifted communicator."



Feb 21, 2013.  Hierarchical Cosmology.
Feb 21, 2013. Hierarchical Cosmology.

Above you see G.W. Bush in his heroic stance as a U.S. President 2001-2008.  I too, as did that great man G.W. Bush above in 2008, made “DECISION POINTS” in 1984 & especially on August 5, 1986 when I walked into Humana Hospital with a tape recorder & blade to abort the mission in the event that “I” were taken alive.  The mission was to ‘Get George H. Bush.’ (I believed in God.  I can tell you with certainty that neurosurgeon Marshall Poor believed in God on March 28, 1984 & was surprised about my opinion that “There IS a GOD.”

     GW BUSH on Sept. 11, 2001, 10:00AM sat reading aloud to 3rd grade students in Texas as C.B.S. news T.V. Bryant Gumble  broke in LIVE on the U.S. President reading aloud to 3rd grade children.  George W. Bush, TWELVE DAYS earlier, had received via FAX to White House on August 31, 2001, “Einstein’s Vision, Desiderata & The Theory of the TOTAL Field” which Librarians at the U.S. Library of Congress told me, on several occasions, was “better than Einstein’s” & ALL other reports on “Einstein’s Vision” --- you might consider Abraham Pais “Einstein’sVision” in “Subtle is the Lord” 1982 available in the Science Reading Room Adams Building 3rd Fl. on the exclusive SRR shelf reserved for ‘The BEST.’ It is Also available on my Picasa Web site.  No members of the U.S. Congress or Press Washington D.C./New York Press ever replied in 2001 or up to fall 2005 when Congress sent to L.O.C. one of their Intellectual/employees to TELL me that ‘the WORLD would CHEAT, Steal, Rob me in my proposal for an International TWO part film & that I MUST see a U.S. Congressman!’--- no explicit name was mentioned.  That film was 1st conceived by myself, during the trial of “Krier vs. the Copper Dollar” Sept. 1985 as witness Dave Gibson “smirked a smile” on the witness stand as he testified….  Further,  On March 1, 2002, my 56th birthday, G.W. Bush & the same, received “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” & “The Massive Covert Censor of Richard P. Feynman: Q.E.D. the strange theory of light & matter--- the result was the SAME ‘NO REPLY’ despite that the theory which “I” advanced beginning in Sept. 1969, was eminently healthy for CHILDREN Worldwide & to the 3rd grade children in Texas to whom George W. Bush was reading and appearing like ‘a father figure’ on 9/11/2001.  

Seven months later in October 2002 I was fired from the Double Tree Hotel, Reagan National Airport, for exposing via photograph & tape recording ‘TOILET, URINAL, SINK CONTAMINATION’ that had been going on NIGHTLY for FIVE YEARS.  Witnesses present during my termination were Steve Sekula, Executive Chef & Wilfredo Gonzalez, Director of Security.  I was fired because I delivered that evidence to Fox news, Washington D.C. 400 North Capital Street which looks out on the U.S. Congress.  WHAT should have been the APPROPRIATE response of Fox news & C.B.S. to my termination?  OUTRAGE?  Answer, FACTS:  BOTH Fox news & C.B.S. were FAXED BOTH the August 31, 2001 “Einstein’s Vision…” & “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” March 1, 2002.  Those documents ARE ‘THE FOUNDATION’ for an International film of INCALCUABLE VALUE to people, beginning in childhood Worldwide.  That FILM uplifts & Codifies “Moses Laws” & in so doing CRUCIFIES everything which the U.S. Presidents/Congress/Press ‘CLAIMS that they ARE BUT IN FACT ARE NOT & ARE EVERYTHING BUT THAT.  The box office to the INTERNATIONAL film will be worth FAR in excess of “AVITAR” 2010, 20th Century Fox, Director James Cameron $1 billion which Washington D.C. 400 North Capital was TOTING in mid-2010 as the ‘hallmark’ of a new era of thinking about  meaning of man as a consciousness, similar “Mr. Spock” in Star Trek.  

At Fox news Washington D.C. on North Capital Street looking out on the U.S. Congress, is the office of Shawn Hannity & Greta van Susteren and the same office which was FAXED “Einstein’s Vision..” & “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” in 2001 and 2002 AND hand delivered in Oct. 2002 “Toilet, Urinal, Sink Contamination” which was, in Dec. 2003 registered at L.O.C.. On January 25, 2011, nine years after the 2002 ‘FOUNDATION to FILM’ was SET as the founding stone for the Vision of man’s REAL meaning & GOODNESS of man in the Cosmos , the U.S. Park Police arrived at my tent site on the Potomac river--- not far from the former explosive testing ground for the military which Einstein worked for in 1940.  The U.S. Park Police arrived to inform me that “the C.I.A.” was coming down to assassinate me via ‘bullet between the eyes.’  Five months later in June 20011, still unemployable in Washington D.C. for ‘exposure of T.U.S. contamination,’ I arrived Atlantic City to become employed by “Royal Rolling Chairs” ‘Red Chairs.’  I have consistently met foreign entities--- quite intelligent professional people--- who inform me of FACTS which they could ONLY know about through Picasa Web, e.g. Israel who are lawyers in New York, not asked by me or shy in describing the situation & Einstein’s Property which they have at Hebrew University & will keep forever.  I assume that they knew also thru my Picasa Video report that they KNEW about ‘WHAT  happened to Margot Einstein & Helen Dukas’ beginning in April 1974 & THEY DO NOT LIKE IT---.    Another is foreign Law enforcement
 I am given profession, location & in Law enforcement, NAME & how spell it as I write it down. There are also very enjoyable Americans who describe politics & ‘Who the guy REALLY IS & “I met him” & ‘He is NOT the picture the U.S. Press paints of that ___ person who ‘feeds on others virtues.’ What I am saying here is that there ARE some very GOOD AMERICANS who will enjoy the Website of EUP physics when it is open. In physics July 2011, just beginning Chair Rolling & ‘the American experience,’ brought ‘the best’ with their explicit introduction of “Michio Kaku” … ‘We don’t like.. We don’t buy his….’ from very professional World travelers~ 40years old who tells me “I like to make money.”  My reply “So do I.” And they in July 2011, do NOT like Michio Kaku even though I have never mentioned Kaku’s name! (A very deserved exclamation!!)  This American has just been to Asia and tells me how to get their most economically.  That is the ONLY question which I asked in our conversation in which he initiated what was on his mind.  It was initiated by he & in the sense that he was telling me ‘NOW I KNOW what is going on & NOW I do NOT like it!”  It could have been that ‘in flight’ on a business trip, he opened his android phone & logged onto Picasaweb where “I” had just placed a picture of the Board Walk & events. 

Further & Recent: American women mature-intelligent ‘the Shella McVicker ‘ journalist type foxes & ‘NOT I’ have brought up the issue of ‘castration.’  These women are disgusted & WHERE could that issue arise?  (Sure puts the ‘frosting on the cake’ as far as stories go & when “I” arrive in France, former President Nicolas Sarkozy, if he is fighting with his wife, will have the guillotine waiting for me when I step off the airplane….)   However via YSI in 2009, I sent audio of Carol Walker in 1999 on “chemical castration” because of my Nov. 1984 EEG.  That 2009 audio was sent to the Obama administration & U.S. Press during the ‘Obama reign of terror’ but is not yet on Picasa Web….  The point being with Obama’s “State of the Union” message arriving in ~ 10days & ‘I have NOT YET been separated from my balls.’  Obama himself ‘has no balls’ & General Stanley Mc Crystal knows that.  Point taken Obama/Congress/Press: Americas intelligent woman are NOT PLEASED with castration of ‘guess who?’ …. More & one is ONLY ~ 3 weeks ago:  These ladies, foreign entities ~ 10- 15 years older than I, initiate the political economic facts: They are NOT afraid to describe where they come from, what is possible & whom they are associated with.  To the disappointment of the Fox news team whose video of G.H. Bushes birthday “I” had shortly before, placed on Picasa Web without much comment, this lady from England--- and I can give you the exact year she traveled in 1950’s--- is NOT pleased with the Bush boys and their War Tactics & they want you “BUSH” for “War Crimes.”  That had LONG been forgotten in my conscious mind, since the American presidents can do anything they want--- including use the Amygdaloidal annihilator, used on Rats, in May 1986 used on the ‘Child Prodigy’ at 70 Westland Ave. Boston, & as Barack Obama CODIFIED’the Crime Against Humanity in 1986 & Awarded “The National Medal of Freedom” to George H. BUSH himself at THE WHITE HOUSE in 2009 which Fox news was so PROUD to display.  In fact George H. Bush is my father’s age & there IS NO DOUBT about ‘WHAT George H. Bush did to my father’s SON in 1984-1986 thru today & that George H. Bush did that to confiscate the property & soul of the young man who said & did what he did on the day & night of  March 28, 1984--- which of course Fox news & the U.S. Congress ‘know nothing about’ in lieu of the fact that it was a CBS Dan Rather T.V. news report, post “September 1985” entitled “The Will to Survive” which they do NOT acknowledge ever happened or exists today.

    The questions ARE for Barack Obama, U.S.Press/Fox news/, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court & ALL of their family members as I watched in 2009 who will be displayed on T.V. the night of the “State of the Union Address” in order to exhibit Solidarity & Union:

1.      “DID you try to ROB & HAVE YOU IN FACT ROBBED DeYuan CHENG of CHINA & the CHILDREN of CHINA which he has DEFENDED SINCE MARCH 1981?
(Have you witnessed the “COPYRIGHT on July 4, 2011 naming De Yuan CHENG on “Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology”)

2.      Explain your “RIGHTOUSNESS” to Turkey, Russia, India, Pakistan Afghanistan, the Taliban & the World.

3.      “Aren’t you tired of your act?

These are the remarks of E Pluribus UnUm Physics on January 10, 2013 at 10:21 PM EST USA. 

YSI 1. 09. 2010 Video & Audio of Behavioral Neurology Nov 1984,  Nolan laughing & witness Debbie Barr in Oct 1985, Humana Hospital Aug 1985 & Video of "Creation of the Universe" Nov 1985 on "What is it about the human brain that so resonates..." & concludes with "Texas Instruments" as a sponsor in Nov 1985.  Reply from Barack Obama 'TOTAL CENSOR' by March 2010.

YSI 2.01.09.  Subject Part 1 "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer & Joe Biden on Jan 25, 2009 inauguration day.  Video is attached of Schieffer commenting on his interview wth Biden that 'THE US DOES NOT TORTURE' concluding on 'The legacy we must leave our children.'  Response NONE.

YSI 2.01.09.  Subject Part 2 "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer & Joe Biden on Jan 25, 2009 inauguration day.  Video is attached of Schieffer commenting on his interview wth Biden that 'THE US DOES NOT TORTURE' concluding on 'The legacy we must leave our children.' & video of "The Motion Picture Association of America".. "The White House".."U.S. Federal Court building & "Cosmos Club." Response NONE.

YSI 2.02.09.  Subject Part 3 "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer & Joe Biden on Jan 25, 2009 inauguration day.  Video is attached of Schieffer commenting on his interview with Biden that 'THE US DOES NOT TORTURE' concluding on 'The legacy we must leave our children.' & video of "The Rock Creek KILL" Sept 8, 1995. Response NONE.

YSI Feb 6, 2009. Subject 'Where IS "The BEST of Cosmos" Nov 200--Aug 2004 then CENSORED.  Reply NONE.

 This is attached today to Honor "The Academy Awards yesterday Jan 13, 2013 which I heard about on radio news this morning.
YSI Feb 7, 2009 to Barack Obama, U.S. Press Washington D.C.. Talking point: This YSI consisted of video of MGM 2007 trailer raving about the 'Future Star Child film.'  It stars George Lucas, Steven Spielberg & others.  It also consistenced of evidence of Sept 1986 Fox news "Cosmos" Sept-6-20, 1986 "Cosmos" A Special Edition & "Inside the Mind of John Wheeler" Sept 1986.  The crowning jewel was audio attached of Sagan NPR May 1986 on 'CENSOR of theories, US Presidents, Children, Gravitation.'  The reply was NONE.

File Sent:

Saturday, February 7, 2009 4:05 AM

Saturday, February 7, 2009 4:10 AM

Priority Delivery

Draft copy of : Nov 6, 2008 YouSendIt.
This is a 2007 praise for "2001 : A Space Odessey" 1968 and features the great 20th Century Directors and critics whom were INSPIRED 39 years before by the INSPIRATIONAL VISUAL CINEMA by Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C.Clark. This features Arthur C. Clark and should explain to you HOW and WHY I wrote Clark and Sevareid in March 1970 via 2001's prelude to Also Sprach Zarathustra which for this person corresponds to the VISUAL experience and 'rising resonant brain wave pattern I experienced in 3rd grade in learning of "Atoms" in which ALL of REALITY THEN (9 years old) became ordered and structured; as well as in the 1960's and the discovery of the emerging PURE GRAVITATIONAL UNIFIED FIELD STRUCTURE. Note additional file attached #172107 is of COSMOS STUDIOS 2004 and features Ann Druyan-Carl Sagan and then U.S. Senator AlGore, all of who in the 1980's tried to gather and unite the scientific and relious leaders OF THE WORLD to engage the problem of ecology. Audio of yesterday is attached here and additional comments will be added to emphacise that the "New Messiah" Albert Einstein whom gave us E=Mcc did NOT know the HARMONY LAW of STRUCTURE underlying E=Mcc (from the pics yesterday see "The Hero's of Telemark" where Kirk Douglas lights a match and says "Einstein's E=Mc squared") hence when we find our New Messiah of the DEEP E=Mcc2, 'we should cheerish he or her, whom ever it may be, when we find them" c.f. last words of John Wheeler in "Inside the Mind of John Wheeler" Readers digest Sept 1986, last attachment here. The last pic is taken at the Einstein monument, Wash D.C. ;hence when we find our next new messiah of the HARMONY LAW underlying E=Mcc, will I be commisioned to dig the concrete footer for his or her monument in the empty waiting ground to the left of Einstein in Bronze? (John Podesta, Al Gore say (?) 'Yes, and make it six foot long-three foot wide and six foot deep.') Copy toJimmy Carter at  

Links:  Row 1 American
Nov 1980    “Birth of a Child” Cosmos 1980  Evocative Atomistic Hierarchy  “ROCK TOSS/Squeeze” 

Aug 16, 1977                “In Defense of a Physical Theory Known as ..”: The White House’ Oct 11, 2010 (published ‘KINDLE’)         “OSF” 1969-70 Oct 1, 2010 PUBLISHED
Nov 22, 2000     Intro “Best of Cosmos” 2000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1   Hour- 20 min of B.of C.

May 9, 2009   Hannity/Goldberg FOX  “Rise of Atheism/Universes within Universes    Vid May 2009 Atheist Anti-religion Moses’ Laws

Links Row2 American
Nov 5, 2008   Vid OBAMA Post Election IMMEDIATE ‘Self Aggrandizement’

  Jan 25, 2009             Vid Inaug OBAMA SWEAR IN Oval Office       Vid Fox White House Party Obama/Spiegel/Lucas-May 2009

Feb 2, 2013.  This was an accidental upload from the library where I am not able to upload the files which "I" choose.  My lap top a "Samsung" is not able to recognize the files/videos on my Android Samsung phone.  Previously that was easily done.  I am leaving this which seemed an unfortunate error at first since "I" would NOT dignify Joe Biden with a presence in 'genius physics' as the 2007 trailer to the 1968 "@001: A Space Odyssey" describes Stanley Kubrick. Two other mistaken uploads also occurred today, above.   Those are the Android video of the Library of Congress on Hierarchical Cosmology.  Joe Biden should at this minute be seated across the street from the LOC presiding in the U.S. Senate.  Those videos place Joe Biden in the elevator with Brian Green HR 2, Ch1 accelerating like the maniacs that they are, downward into 'Quantum Foam' which IS 'the SOURCE' of the nuclear field & e=mcc, gravitation according to RAFA & ALL elementary quanta, particles, molecules and ALL that GOD created in this Universe, including this computer and the sparkle in your true loves eyes.  


David Gross November 15, 2004 Nobel Prize acceptance speech at KITP National Institute for Theoretical Physics at U.C.S.B..  Notice that Gross distinguishes that few or NO Nobel prizes have been awarded for the strong interaction since as far back as 1934 to that day Nov 15, 2004.  The Strong Interaction is the nuclear field which Einstein, Gamow, de Broglie, Teller, Oppenheimer did NOT understand.  "I" did in "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-1970.  David Gross on Feb 15, 2004 has CENSORED that & replaced it with 'Gluons which rattle around a little bit.' 

David Gross Nov. 15, 2004 Nobel Prize acceptance Speech.


Jan 20, 2013.  This is Lenny Susskind on Oct. 9, 2004 which is 9 years ago.  October 9, 2004 is my mothers calender birth date.  My mother died in Nov, 1992 shortly before the election of Bill Clinton who promptly executed 25 children at Waco, Texas in 1993.  Here you see Sussidkind distinguish that he has known David Gross for fourty years which means that Susskind has known Gross since 1964.  For myself, "I" have seen 'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' BEFORE 1964.  For America: Ask David Gross at and Susskind if it is a 'PHYSICAL THEORY of COSMOLOGY' & Man's place in the Universe.


Oct 9, 2004.  Lenny Susskind & Quantum Gravity as 'the source' of the nuclear field, strong interactions. hydrogen bombs & E=mcc.   

KITP Oct 9. 2004 'What is Quantum Gravity.'  16 minutes going back to ITP conference 1998.  And they want in 2004, twenty five more years to continue.

    ,Abe Taub of Berkeley in 1949 met with Einstein & encouraged Einstein to try to unify the electric & gravitational fields, although it seemed impossible, according to R. Clark “Einstein: His Life & Times” 1971.  For that Einstein wrote “On the Generalized Theory of Gravitation” Scientific American, April 1950.  There Einstein described his motivation and compared it to “children’s passion for music” and “a miracle creed” and Einstein gave a concrete example of the miracle creed, namely the “atomistics” of the ancient Greek Leucippus.
    Above you see that Professor Taub refers to “manuscripts” & “treatises” which I delivered to him previous to June 3, 1974, however Professor Taub does NOT identify those works by name.  The “treatise” to which Professor Taub refers is “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70.  “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 is an ‘Axiomatic treatise’ based upon the vision of ‘the child’s atomistic  hierarchy’ with 1/RR gravitational fields INHERENT.  “On the Structure of the field” 1969-70 is high school physics with the vision of ‘A PURE GRAVITATIONAL UNIFIED FIELD STRUCTURE’ including ‘A THEORY OF PHOTONS.’  Professor Taub does NOT identify my work by name/title as do Professors Louis de Broglie. R. Courrier and H. Treders of France & Germany in June & Oct 1972 because Professor Taub is an ‘AMERICAN.’
    Further, Professor Taub states “I regret that I have not been able to follow your ideas in any detail nor do I understand their implications.”  The implications of the manuscripts/treatises are three fold and found in historic proportions, two months earlier in the International Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation in the article “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974.  Professor Taub IS VIVIDLY aware of GRG & IS a foremost expert of General Relativity & Gravitation and a genuine collaborator with Einstein in the 1930’s & 1940’s.  From the “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 article, it is as evident as a 5 megaton hydrogen bomb going off, that “On the Structure of The Field”1969-70 has BOTH Scientific & Religious “implications” of an historic order.  Further and buried in the misnomer “implications” is the fact, accessible to 6th grade students world-wide, that ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ IS INHERENT.  How CLEAR is that ‘IMPLICATION’? Answer.   In early 1960’s when the Pure Gravitational Vision was first perceived, I saw my entire body & brain as structured from and ‘thinkingviaPURE GRAVITATION.’  True enough the brain is structured from molecules, atoms, photons but those are reduced to a rising superposition of pure gravitational fields, diverging from hierarchical sub-groups of MGA-x !   That vision which can be ‘seen’ by children world-wide,  appeared to me in the early 1960’s like the prelude to “Also Sprach Zarathustra” which ‘rises upwards & outwards & builds and unifies’ as a musical score.  My first experience with a vision which rises, enwraps and unifies, happened the morning of April 18, 1955 upon learning that ALL matter--- earth, water, fire, air—is made of ‘Solar system model of electrons orbiting a heavy nucleus, thus ‘atoms’!  That April 18, 1955 atomistic VISION of unity & common sub structural underling architectonic order, was so rapturous that it generated a brain resonance that almost caused me to pass out.  Then, again in early 1960, the vision of myself & brain as ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ stimulated a brain resonance in excess of 3rd grade on April 18, 1955 which was even more rising and rapturously wondrous.  All of that is EASILY seen in the two papers “on the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 and “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 in I.G.R.G..

    The 3rd implication is that by 1974 I should have been recognized as ‘The Heir Apparent to Albert Einstein.’  How CLEARLY is that implication understood?  Answer.  I REBUFFED & REJECTED John Archibald Wheeler  at Princeton on April 13, 1970 where Frank Wilczek and David Gross were then present.  Why did  I reject and rebuff John Archibald Wheeler at Princeton on April 13, 1970?  John Archibald Wheeler wrote “Einstein’s Vision” 1968 & traveled to Berkeley to lecture in early 1969.  Wheeler displayed with a slide projector on a motion picture screen, a picture of himself with Einstein in 1954 at Marquand Park Princeton, the 1st page of his book  “Einstein’s Vision” 1968 & ‘pointing at the picture above him, claimed repeatedly that Einstein was his cherished friend and colleague. That was a LIE of historic proportions in 1969, 1970 and even worse today in 2013.  By my rejecting Wheeler and Princeton on April 13, 1970, I opened a mortal wound in the ‘AMERICAN Cultural psyche’ namely a cannibalistic appetite for power and self-aggrandizement based on the DECEPTIVE use of symbols and icons of REAL PEOPLE & POWER.  The Hydrogen bomb, E=MCC & Albert Einstein were in 1970, 1974 and today, REAL POWER & PEOPLE.
    The American cannibal’s appetite is so VISCOUS that it reaches right into the cradle & the Great Expectations of children, American and World-Wide. The Americans FEED with absolute impunity and arrogance at ALL levels of their disciplines, from academia to US Presidents/Press/Supreme Courts.   And ALL of these so called ‘Great Americans’ out to impress the ‘State of the World’ are easily capable of understanding and identifying by title “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 as well as ‘Who wrote’ the article “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 and ‘WHY.’
    I say:  ‘To hell with them and let the children of the world think for themselves!’  Beginng in 6th grade world-wide let young people examine and decide:

1.  Who is the author of “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974?
     a. Is there a “John Archibald” at Princeton University?
     b. Is he in “Department of Physics”? 
     c. Is he associated with “Joseph Henry Laboratories”?
     The answers there are found in “Einstein’s Vision” 1968 the 1st pages,
      as well as on film 1974 “Albert Einstein: the education of a genius” consultant is whom?

2.  Is “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 a “parody”?
     a. Whether a Parody or not, ‘Is this article amusing’?  Is it ‘funny’?  Is it ‘violent’?  Is it’s language ‘violent’?
     Does it enlist exclamations, ‘once in a while,’ ‘often’? Answer. Yes. To wit: Five exclamations in 6 consecutive sentences!!!!!!
     Does it establish ‘points of thought’ in the article through repetition and ‘strong associations’ or ‘loose associations’?  Are there any
     associations to the paper “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70?

3.  Given in 1974 or today in 2013, for all 6th grade students whose conception of Albert Einstein is that of ‘a deep thinker,a thoughtfully moral man, a kind man,’ do you ‘think’ that Albert Einstein would agree or endorse this article? Do you think that Einstein would endorse the treatise “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70?  a.       Because it is the creation of  a child and young man?  Do you find it enchanting that it was conceived the night of April 18, 1955?  Does it carry the torch of light, hope, vision, harmony that was the essence of Albert Einstein?  Even if Albert Einstein said that “On the Structure of The Field”1969-70 was NOT PHSICS and perhaps even “ crazy,” but the evidence beginning in April 1970  when Eric Sevareid of C.B.S. news referred without title to “On the Structure of the Field” 1969 as containing a “theme”--- would you not want to judge that “theme” if it  could be understood CLEARLY in 6th grade or sooner?  Should 6th grade students be treated as competent to judge visions of Science & Religion?  Is there any educational authority, a minister of education, a priest of your faith, or even the president of your country, that would, or would NOT,  want you to examine the “theme” in “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70? [In point of fact De-Yuan Cheng of China invited me in March 1981 to travel to China to research a second approach “The Einstein Hierarchical Approach” to “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70, and in Spring 1996 at the Chinese Embassy, Washington D.C., I was invited to “teach physics” at a number of Chinese Universities---
       I retain the record.] 4.  Does the author of “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 in International GRG have any previous publications with the same or Similar theme?  a. Is “Beyond the Black Hole” John Archibald Wheeler, “The World Book Science Annual” 1973 an article which uses exclamations “!” and ‘loose & strong’association to “On the Structure of The Field”1969-70?  Are 6th graders worldwide, capable of examining and comparing BOTH of John Archibald’s 1973 & 1974 articles to “On the Structure of The Field”1969-70 and arriving, themselves, and without coaxing, at a ‘Forensic theme involving American Science, Religion, Ethics, Morality.’ Would Albert Einstein think that such an examination would be good for young people to undertake at an early formative age, concerning ‘What is clearly Right & Wrong in the world which America intends to dominate?
The above was the situation in 1974 which was capable of analysis in 1974 & May 24, 1977 when I wrote president Jimmy Carter at The White House, Washington D.C..  Today the situation has evolved and 6th graders can tort worldwide that they, their parents, grandparents & friends had been deprived, since at least 1980, of an Einsteinian vision that is ‘Light, Hope & Goodness for ALL Honest men.’  Came 1997 with PBS “Steven Hawking’s Universe” episode 6 “An Answer to Every Thing” those 6th grade students worldwide can tort that, children beginning  in 3rd grade and sooner should NOT be relegated to the position of a “DUCK” Michio Kaku PBS 1997, AND,  came 2003 with  America’s  and :  Children, should NOT be diminished In intellectual competency and compared to ‘a DOG’ when it comes to understanding ‘Einsteinian truths’ which the American claims that ‘IT’ ONLY can understand, let alone that PBS/NOVA/WGBH/KITP/David Gross DO SUCH ARROGANCE in Einstein’s own home at 112 Mercer St. Princeton where I met Margot Einstein on April 13, 1970.

    Professor Taub did not know in 1974, that I retained letters from Louis de Broglie & R. Courrier French Academie of Sciences June 1972 & Professor H Treders of the Academie der Weissenshafften, German Institute nor did Jimmy Carter in May 1977 who would NOT identify my work by name or implication.  The two punch holes in the June 3, 1974 letter from Abe Tube were placed there by attorney John T. Nolan who retained this letter in his legal file and NEVER presented it before the jury in the case “Krier vs. The Copper Dollar” Sept 24-30, 1985 and one week later in Oct. 1985 ‘Laughed about his loss off $1.2 million dollars.’  The personal implications are CLEAR:  Had I traveled to China in March 1971 at the invitation of De Yuan Cheng, I would at this time be doing research in physics and I would be a professor of physics.  Likewise, as tape recorded at the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. April 1995, had I traveled to China then, I would be teaching physics THEN  now. Feb. 7, 2013. I am presently a Rolling Chair Operator in Atlantic City, N.J. USA making ~ .60 cents/hour & 1 week short on rent.  I am not recognized to exist by the American Government, Judicial System or Press, neither are my ‘works for sale.’  What I think about ‘your America’ Is best found here, which “I” PROVED:

The U.S. Press & ‘Loose Association’:  In Dec 2008 I began viewing O’Reilly “The Factor” and sending YSI word documents, video & “EUP Editorial” which included the article “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 International GRG.  By early 2010 the most O’Reilly would comment was ‘so it’s a “Parody” in a none chalet way, as if ‘so what’ and without reference to what he was talking about.   ”A parody” about what?  A parody about Political arguments? A parody about  The State of the Economy?  A parody about CBS news, ABC news? A parody about a scientific theory’  Nightly I watch O’Reilly for more than a year and ‘a parody’ is mentioned ONCE and ‘American’ O’Reilly with his “REALITY CHECK” will NOT state the title or subject of the “parody.” The situation which O’Reilly/Hannity/van Susteren/Chris Wallace/ Charles Krauthammer & indeed the entire American press has along with, and in company of David Gross, James B. Hartle & the ENTIRE, is that today on Feb 13, 2013 they can not even ‘MUMBLE PUBLICALLY’ any one or ALL of the following: 1. “Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny” April 1974 International GRG
2.  “on the Structure of The Field” 1969-70.
3. “Hierarchical Cosmology” “C.V. Charlier/G. deVaucouleurs” “Timothy V. Krier/De-Yuan CHENG”/Louis deBroglie/H.A. Treders
4. “The Universal Law of Gravitation goes Inversely as the square of the distance.” To do so is their TOTAL undoing since 6th graders worldwide can ‘SEE’ with a passion, the FRAUD which these purported American Savants of Science & Journalism have foisted upon the Americans and now the world since 1974,  Further and along with that ‘HISTORICCENSOR’ of ‘themselves by themselves’, none of Gross, Hartle, O’Reilly, Hannity, van Susteren can  deny that according to their highly supported & endorsed American Nobel prize theories:
1. They, each and every one of them are axe murderers or worse somewhere in a universe, as real as here, in ‘the multiverse of universes surrounding us, and that macabre savaging out there of those we love right here in MGA* is occurring ‘RIGHT NOW’ and infinitely many times and in infinitely many ways.
2. They can NOT deny that they are expecting to build time machines to travel back in time & perhaps ‘SHOOT’ granddad or have an affair with mommy. Hawking/Kaku
3. They can NOT deny that they are actively spending American taxpayer monies to research those activities with banquets, Hotels, plane tickets & develop those experimental Vehicles the ‘variable flux capacitor’ for space “worm hole travel” & ‘Time travel.’
4. And each and every one can NOT deny that they are telling the public & 6th grade children that what they are doing follows from Einstein’s theory and that  Einstein would endorse their work similar as he did “The Manhattan Project” and, last but not least, that their crusading efforts should be extended world wide with “international” outreach.
5. They can NOT deny that the CENSOR comes ‘By themselves of themselves’ & along with that censor came “The BEST of Cosmos” 2000-2004.
6. And each AND every one, ESPECIALLY David Gross, James B. Hartle, Jimmy Carter & Bill O’Reilly CAN NOT DENY that the article “Rasputin, Science and thetransmogrification of Destiny”1974 ‘is a MEASURE of how far in excess of Einstein’s Vision’ --- “on the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 IS, and it is ‘a measure of how long in time,’ for the Vision to grow and prosper, viz. four years .  And each AND every one, ESPECIALLY David Gross, James B. Hartle, Jimmy Carter & Bill O’Reilly CAN NOT DENY  that it IS the document in 1974 International GRG  that HEARLDED A VISION  which ‘like a blazing rocket, cast light over an immensely dark unknown region’ and provided ‘APGUFS’ as Louis de Broglie described the work of Albert Einstein in 1949 on ‘Fields & Quanta’ & would describe my work today on Feb 13, 2013 
 7. Structure Laws I & II: ‘APGUFS” & ‘The Alpha Lattice’ have been provided on Picasweb & and are for sale on    Amazon Kindle  “O.S.F.” 1969-70  Oct 1, 2010 PUBLISHED .  They are easily understood by ALL VISUALLY & MATHMATICALLY.  David Gross, Frank Wilczek, KITP, and the entire U.S. Press are encouraged to endorse or refute that claim.  On the other hand, in 2004 at KITP their seemed to be an intellectual type joke “Show us your calculation David.”  To the effect ‘David come up with something logical to make sense out of the hand waving & absurd ad hoc assumptions you & Wilczek pulled off in order to achieve asymptotic freedom.’  O.K. David Gross, Bill O’Reilly: David’s Law purports to be the field source of elementary matter and E=mcc, as do my two structure laws.  “The Factor” or similar “On the Record” Greata van Susteren should invite David Gross to present his equations with assumptions behind his equations.  David Gross, Frank Wilczek, Jim Hartle & Fox news can not even MUMBLE out ‘Hierarchical Cosmology’ or that my theory is wrong, not logical and should be relegated to a ‘parody’!  My claim is NOT a MUMBLE: ‘David Gross and his theory are FULL OF KRAP’ & ‘They’ are no more than ‘the littlest charlatans ever to stalk the civilized world since the dark ages!’
 Any questions ask, who won the 2004 Nobel Prize & read aloud from “The Evolution of Physics” Einstein, Infeld 1936, 1951, and who won the 2009 Einstein Prize at UCSB for $10, 000 awarded by the American Physical Society twice yearly, or, ask Ed Witten at Princeton whom they endorse as “the heir apparent to Einstein” & won the $25,000 Einstein Medal at Princeton. (Myself days ago, worked 8 hours as a Board Walk Rolling Chair Operator and made $10.00.  Today on February 13, 2013 which is THREE YEARS after ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ Feb. 13, 2010, I  received my Social Security retirement pension for $647.00 which is ~ $80.00 less than those on Social Security Disability for Mental Illness & Schizophrenia) Is “On the Structure of The Field “1969-70 worthy of a film production & what is it worth in Science, Religion, Motion Picture box office???  Answer American: Ask Bob Schieffer at or Chris Wallace at,,,  “The most powerful new investigative team in broadcast journalism.” according to O’Reilly 2010. Note that the two punch holes in the June 3, 1974 Taub letter were placed there by attorney John T. Nolan who kept the letter in his legal file during the $1.2 million dollar trial Krier vs The Copper Dollar Sept. 24-30, 1985 and one week later Oct ‘85’ ‘Laughed with gusto’ at his loss of $1.2 million.     Vid-Nolan laughing 

    The TORT true in 1974: Each AND every one, ESPECIALLY David Gross, James B. Hartle, Jimmy Carter & Bill O’Reilly CAN NOT DENY that the article “Rasputin, Science and the transmogrification of Destiny ‘ 1974 is a MEASURE of how far in excess of Einstein’s Vision “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 IS, and, it is ‘a measure of how long in time’ it will take the Vision to grow
and sparkle, viz. four years.    Vid-Humana Inside Mind—Begins Presidents pic     Vid- 1993 Wash DC Flight- CBS- Kerry-Dole-Justice-WH Office      Vid- deposition KD Pitts- Hospital Biopsy        DVD EINSTEIN Monument Aug 2005            




October 30, 2012,Talking points to O’Reilly (  “Scientific American” November 2003, Brian Greene. 


(Nov. 2003 is one month after the NOVA/wgbh video series appears & one year before David Gross, Frank Wilczek receive the Nobel Prize for “quarks that rattle around a little bit.”)

November 2003 “Scientific AmericanPHYSICIST BRIAN GREENE TALKS ABOUT STRING THEORY, QUANTUM GRAVITY, PARALLEL WORLDS, AND MORE.”  According to Albert Einstein “RELATIVITY” 1919-1995 (GREAT MINDS SERIES) ‘PARALLEL UNIVERSES IS AN INFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE THEORY.’  EINSTEIN shows in 3 pages ELEGANTLY that GRAVITATIONAL FIELD INTENSITIES ANIHILLATE a UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION OF MATTER---stars, galaxies--- in the infinite region of material emptiness assumed surrounding our finite island MGA* universe.  Einstein’s Elegance assumes the 1/RR Universal law of gravitation & the VISUAL skills of ~ a 6th grade student.  Brian Greene USES “RELATIVITY” 1919-1961 in his Biography to support his book “ELEGANT UNIVERSE” 1999 & then TOTALLY IGNORS the prognosis of Albert Einstein about an ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITY based upon PURE GRAVITATIONAL EFFECTS.  Brian Greene is credited with a Ph.D. but so was John Archibald Wheeler/WYLER whom Greene references.  It is one thing to call a theory “Crazy” as Einstein would call “PARALLEL UNIVERSES,” MULTIVERSES.”  It is another thing to call a theory “EVIL” or “ABSOLUTELY EVIL” as Einstein would call it BECAUSE “PARALLEL UNIVERSES” CENSORS THE THEORY WHICH IS INFINITELY POSSIBLE & RADIANTLY MORAL.

Oct 30, 2012 Talking Point: ‘A.P.G.U.F.S.’ IS ‘A HIERARCHICAL DISTRIBUTION OF ISLAND GALACTIC UNIVERSES’ & IS according to “RELATIVITY” 1919-1961-1995 A. Einstein an INFINITELY POSSIBLE THEORY.  It is NOT just ‘maybe possible’ or ‘billions & billions of times possible’ it IS ‘INFINITELY POSSIBLE’ as envisioned in 6th-8th grades.  I examined that gravitational possibility in 6th grade.  In Hierarchical Cosmology the PHOTON IS THE GRAVITON in 1st course elementary physics, viz, the inertial mass= gravitational mass & that is OBVIOUS in ALL scientific disciplines, chemistry thru electrical engineering.  John Archibald Wheeler/Wyler TOTALLY CENSORS Hierarchical Cosmology in 1979 at ‘The Einstein Centennial Symposium’ & Jimmy Carter commits to an Atomistic Hierarchy in 1977 with Carl Sagan in 1980 CENSORING GRAVITATION.  Neil Gehrals on Feb. 16, 2011 at LOC for NASA instates Wheeler/WYLER Black Holes/Worm Holes/Parallel Universes/Multiverses/Port Holes to other Parallel Universes ALL IN THE NAME OF EINSTEIN & FAILS to address the GRAVITATIONAL & MORAL COLLAPSE of his/their INFINITE ERGOTIC UNIVERSE which DRAGS US here into OBLIVION or “Dirty little animals spending our time on this planet!” see Dr. Rick Turner “Send Physics papers” June 1984.

Further, it is time for these American Savants to address the tender, sensitive BULLY ISSUE of ‘WHO TERRORIZED MARGOT EINSTEIN & HELLEN DUKAS at 2:00AM-3:00Am in the morning in April 1974’ & ‘How it apparently continued to 1980 and thru 2004 when Dennis Overbye at WWW,KITP.UCSB.EDU & as director of NASA publications, SLAMED EINSTEIN’S CHARACTER & HELEN DUKAS’ MENTAL HEALTH.’  Dennis Overbye also wrote “Messenger at the Gates of Time,” “JOHN WHEELER: MR.UNIVERSEScience ‘81’ June.  WHO did these BULLY EVIL THINGS?  Talk, think & be “The most powerful news investigative team in broadcast journalism”,,,, Brian Greene@ScientificAmerican.comThe next question IS:  How is it that Fox news, the U.S. Presidents/Press/NASA/PBS/NOVA/WGBH/NSF make RICH those who SLAM EINSTEIN/DISTORT REALITY & CORRUPT THE MINDS OF THE CITIZENS OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY & REACH OUT FOR THE WORLD?!  



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