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“Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” March 1, 2002 on March 1, 2014.





Gilbert Frances O’Boyle & the Children of Ireland 

Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, George Lucas, Jimmy Carter, Gore, McCain on Jan. 25, 2009.  

    March 1, 2012 "Memoirs of a child Prodigy" 2002.

On this date March 1, 2014,14 years later, "Memoirs of a Child Prodigy" 2002 now includes Google maps of Chicago Illinois where in summer at age 4, my left eye was blinded by solar retinitis & where on Division Ave at age 4 in fall, I inquired with a magnet into the elementary structure of matter 'the SOURCE' of the fields of Gravitation & Magnetism. If you examine the Edward Teller 2001 "Memoirs" you will see that Teller "The Father of the Hydrogen   Bomb" had no such experiences as a child & further Teller fails to identify my papers in gravitational field theory & nuclear field structure.  Further, Teller does NOT mention his friendship with Prof. Hans Albert Einstein. On March 28, 1984 I explicitly identified before neurosurgeons  Professor Doctor Arnold Menese and surgeon Marshall Poor,  BOTH  Edward Teller and Hans Albert Einstein in my final remarks with death closing in after a subdural hematoma. Professor Hans Albert Einstein I described as "He was his fathers son alright!" and in June 1984 Psychiatrist Rick Turner, U Iowa Hospitals described to me many things which I had said and described them in detail.  An excerpt of that surgery was a Dan Rather CBS news story Oct 1985 "The Will to Survive" and exhibited  six doctors running from the surgery table as I woke on the surgery table and rose at the waist with my fist cocked and stated "Paul K. Hansma, that son of a bit_h doesn't know  how close he came!  I could have put my fist right through him!!"  That 'appropriate' responce was due to the fact that Paul K. Hansma, James B. Hartle, Frank Wilczek, David Gross and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, CENSORED in March 1981, three years earlier,  the gravitational field theory of  C.V. Charlier 1922 of Sweden, Timothy V. O'Boyle/Krier of Chicago Illinois and De-yuan Cheng of China 1981.  That was the 4th censor since 1970.  The 1st censor began EXACTLY  on April 13, 1970 fourteen years earlier when I  met with John Archibald Wheeler/WYLER at Princeton University to 'share a Vision which I was SURE would uplift and dignify the presence and character of ALL men and evolutionary creatures upon the earth.


Above video "The Child's Atomistic Hierarchy and INHERENT Unified Field Structure" exhibits the following: at 2:52 minutes you see letters from the N.S.F. July 1977 concerning my participation in a research grant to Bryce DeWitt on "The Role of Gravitation in Physics" and acknowledgement of April 7, 1970 from Eric Sevareid C.B.S. news and from Sevareid's executive secretary in August 1977 on my proposed "Physical theory".  Notice that NO WHERE here does anyone whom is an American, explicitly cite by name or type 'the physical theory' to which they refer.  At 5:20 min you see the LOGOS of E Pluribus UnUm Physics which contains Structure Law I 'Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure' in a hierarchical cosmology and Structure Law II 'The Alpha Lattice.  These are INFINITELY CERTAIN theoretical assertions UNIQUE to an infinite hierarchical cosmology.

 At 5::24 min you see in large exhibition the April 7, 1970 C.B.S. Sevareid acknowledgement of  a "theme" and in August 1977 C.B.S. acknowledgement of a "scientific theory" and a reference to the White House.  At 5:31 min you see two acknowledgements of 1972 from 1. Louis deBroglie and R. Courrier of the French Academie of Sciences" and from H. Treders of the German Academie of Sciences where ALL explicitly identify the axiomatic teartise "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70 and related essay.  This letter was kept confidential until 2008 and Picasa web.  These letters are EXTRAORDINARY embarrassments to the U.S. press and Presidents, especially Jimmy Carter, and ALL of those Americans who intentionally cover-up beautiful sparkling REALITIES while France and Germany radiantly provide clarity, which IS exactly that which will characterize the International film on the Child's Atomistic Hierarchy and INHERENT Unified Field Structure.

      At 5:46 min you see the beginning of "Memoirs of a Child Prodigy" March 1, 2002 and at 6:31 min you see a letter of April 27, 1974 from Margot Einstein at 112 Mercer St., Princeton in which Margot describes her and Helen Dukas being STALKED with criminal phone calls at 2:00AM- 3:00AM nightly, but most of all you see how Margot describes my letter to her of April 13, 1974 describing the day of March 18, 1955 when I conceived the Atomistic hierarchy with gravitation as the only field present.  Margot states 'I like so much the way you describe'..."your passion for the atoms and the stars and the structure of the universe..'  'the law of the universe.'  (The stalking of Margot Einstein and Helen Dukas will go on until 1980 when Margot and Helen have Einstein's property removed from Princeton University and taken to Hebrew University, Isreal where it is permanently retained.  Margot Einstein in March 4-9, 1979 attended "The Einstein Centennial Symposium" at Princeton which is the 'brain child of John Archibald Wheeler.  Wheeler will then one month later in March, provide the dedication at the "Einstein Memorial Statue" in Washington, D.C..  At this time Jimmy Carter is U.S. President and the dedication of a National Monument blocks from the White House should be on film.  I have not been able to find it.  Margot Einstein and Helen Dukas will then, one year later have Einstein's property removed from the U.S..  At the Einstein Centennial Symposium 1979 ALL Hierarchical Cosmology is COMPLETELY CENSORED.  

  At 9:40 min you see The WHITE HOUSE June 29, 1977 letter from Mr. Gianini wishing me 4 times 'the presidents best wishes for success in the future' and FAILING to identify the "papers" which Jimmy Carter was delivered on May 24, 1977.  In that letter at the top you see two punch holes from the attorney John T. Nolan in Sept. 1985 where he retained in his legal file the White House letter which he NEVER exhibited before the jury Sept 23-28, 1985 and LAUGHED about that days later in Oct 1985 AFTER he had just lost $1.2 million.  As the video goes on you will see that White House letter with punch holes attached to the FAXES of March-April 2002 to the U.S. Presidents/Press/John McCain/Al Gore/D.N.C..    At 11:00 min you see a Feb 2, 1994 report from "Sun Shine Mental Health" diagnosing me as a "paranoid schizophrenic" "with systematized paranoid delusions" Feb 1994 West Palm Beach, Fl, Phd. Micheal Purcell. At 11:51 min you see "RELATIVITY" 1995 A. Einstein "The Great Mind Series" and "CONSIDERATIONS ON THE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE" and at 13:11 min you see "The Meaning of Relativity" A. Einstein a lecture delivered at Princeton and at 13:23 min you see ONE PGE on Hierarchical Cosmology of MGA^x that is THE SOLUTION to the Quantum problem and the continuous gravitational field.  E Pluribus UnUm Physics, namely 'me', openly challenge and to deny BOTH childs and Einsteinian hierachical solutions to the Einstein short comings in unified field theory!!!!!  (Get the point David Gross and James B. Hartle?)At 13:38 min you see the record from AtlantiCare, Atlantic City, N.J. on Sept 15, 2013 where I underwent a heart charge shock to save me from catastrophic 'Heart Failure'. 

AtlantiCare/Apollo 13, 1970

(The AtlantiCare video concludes with REAL video of Apollo 13 astronauts lunar mission, reported by Walter Cronkite, CBS news on April 14-19, 1970.  "I" met John Archibald Wheeler on April 13, 1970 and on April 14, 1970 leaving Princeton "I" heard that Apollo 13 was in life threatening danger and the world and Pope were praying for the astronauts safe return. (Tuesday April 14th CBS News, ABC News reports on updates of the explotion of the oxygen tank aboard Apollo 13.  The tank exploded the previous night). The CENSOR of my life and work began on April 13, 1970 with/by John Archibald Wheeler at Princeton.  On Sept 15, 2013 the TOTAL censor was almost complete and there was no report by CBS or Fox news, that I was in danger and at the threshold of eminent death were it not for AtlantiCare.)  

Finally, overall for the video "The Child's Atomistic Hierarchy and INHERENT Unified Field Structure" previous to the above video: Keep an eye out for the Fax punch hole marks in the June 29, 1977 Carter WHITE HOUSE letter.  Those punch mars are exemplary of the laughing of attorney John T. Nolan at the U.S. Judicial system, News media, U.S. Presidents and motion picture industry.  Notice the Fax to John McCain with that attached.  At 14:26 min you see historic video of the Jan 25, 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama, Joe Biden with Nancy Pelocy and Diane Finestein next to him and at 15:28 min you can see Barack Obama LAUGH.  At 15:38 min you see video of John McCain and at 15:54 min you see McCain with Gore and their ACT 'Fancy meeting you here!' in Statuary Hall on Barack Obama's Inauguration day!!!  You might pause your video at 15:59 for a 'GOOD LAUGH' at these 'Princes of Modesty and Virtue,' the veritable Lords and masters of Americas great expectations and your fate.  The concluding pictures following the video are equally prophetic.

The subject of the above video is 'A Future Star Child film' as projected by MGM Studios in 2007 which is seven years ago.  One year ago I was almost 'dead on arrival' at AtlantiCare hospital, Atlantic City, N.J..  The future 'Star Child film' has NOT YET appeared.  However, had "I" died last year, the FACT that the future 'Star Child film' is based upon my work beginning in childhood, would never have been revealed.  Below you see HARD EVIDENCE of the American mentaliy that 'sets up' that RIP-OFF.  O.K., and 'What is the future 'Star Child film' about and when will we see it?  Is my claim that the future box office will exceed that of $1 billion dollars and "AVITAR" 2010, absurd or out of touch with "REALITY" or are you ABSURD, disingenuous and "simply EVIL" which is the exact description that Henry Kim of Korea gave in 1981 to the censor of my Phd. thesis "Hierarchical Cosmology and the Structure of Elementary Particles, and, the Foundations of Physics." The TORT for your virtue and IS simply, a the level of 6th grade: EXPLAIN the MGM 2007 trailer above, and, James Cameron of 20th Century Fox describing the future 'Star Child film'; What is the future 'Star Child film' and When will we see it; Don't you want to see it???  The light and Great Expectations in the eyes of Billions of Children world-wide, awaits your explanation/exploitation  and the film on 'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology.'  And by all means, ask your friend John McCain to do the same.

Above left you see that Mr. Gianni from "THE WHITE HOUSE" on June 29, 1977 is NOT able to identify by title, the "papers" to which he refers.  At this time Carl Sagan, Timothy Ferris and Ann Druyan are in Washington, D.C. and will entertain Jimmy Carter at the Naval Astronomical Observatory adjacent to the Vice Presidential Mansion.  Above right you see that Professor Taub at Berkeley on June 3, 1974 is NOT able to identify by title the "treatise" to which he refers.  The treatise to which Professor Taub refers IS "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70 which had TWO MONTHS BEFORE received a MAJOR CRITIQUE in "The International Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation" April 1974 with "Rasputin, Science and the Transmogrification of Destiny" which IS a critique of the Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure of the child's atomistic hierarchy by Professor John Archibald Wheeler of Princeton University.  Professor Taub met with Einstein in Berkeley in 1949 to encourage Einstein in his last FUTILE attempt to unify the fields of gravitation and electromagnetism.

 In the spirit of John Archibald Wheeler's 6 January 1970 letter "On the Structure of The Field"1969 was not much on the principle of correspondence.... a necessity.... No reference to.... great past and ongoing world of thought (relation; comparison; contrast)'  "On the Structure of The Field was an AXIOMATIC TREATISE.  However, we are looking for the "Father of E=Mcc.  Hence our candidate for the father must have his life 'compared; related;  contrasted to Albert Einstein's! In fact Einstein as he was escaping Nazi Germany had all of his possessions confiscated.

   Video links to pics: 
     Upper Rt ‘Teller at the board ~ 1957.  Video ‘Teller describes himself at ~ 21-22 years old, hence ~ 1929, attending a lecture by Einstein and Teller claims that Einstein did not know what he was talking about.   
 Pic 2 ‘White House Carter letter May 29, 1977’ video link to “Carter on Courage” 1977.    

    Link to E PLURIBUS UNUM PHYSICS includes “2012 WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER” & KITP DRUNKS and includes UNASSAILABLE Einsteinian/Krier/Cheng PHYSICS.                                                      
     link to “Einstein” in Prof. Hans A. Einstein 1971-1973” is Picasa web “Einstein sailing & on E=mcc”  folder “Best of Cosmos.”      

            19mb, 15min EUP Biography


Published on Feb 4, 2014
On September 31, 1969 the treatise "On the Structure of The Field" 1969 was completed up to Part 1 & delivered to "The Physical Review" and John Archibald Wheeler of Princeton University and to Arthur C. Clark & Eric Sevareid C.B.S. news Washington D.C. "On the Structure of The Field" 1969 is high school physics with the Vision of a Harmony Law of Pure Gravitational Field Structure underlying E=Mcc and/or the structure of elementary particles, including "photons." In March 1970 I proposed to Arthur C. Clark & Eric Sevareid a film on the Vision which I had entertained in my mind since the evening of April 18, 1955 the day that Albert Einstein died & I was in 3rd grade. In 1964 I wrote to Edward Teller & delivered him a paper "on the structure of the universe" as he replied. In September 1966 I entered the University of California, Berkeley where Dr. Teller "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb" was a professor & taught a course on "Nuclear physics." I was there because I thought & was led to think that he & his had a law of the nuclear field potential as we did to the Gravitational & Electromagnetic field potentials. Teller & company were Charlatans for personal aggrandizement. They CENSORED the Children of the world.
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                                                                    Timothy V. Krier
                                                                     21stCentury R4 Productions

The following four videos provide a reference to the REALITY of the day March 28, 1984 when I woke on tne surgery table and procliamed to Meneses, Marshall Poor, Rick Turner and three others doctors plus nurses "There IS a God!!" and "The Universe IS a Miracle!!" since just previous and likely on that day I had seen for the ~5th time the Major motion picture "The Right Stuff" 1983 about the astronauts and Chuck Yeager based on the book by Thomas Wolfe.  This film featured Eric Sevareid as a MAJOR figure in those years 1958- 1972.  Having woken I cautioned the surgeons in responce to the observation that my left eye pupil was diated, that I was blinded by solar retinitus as a child otherwise I would have been a Navy pilot and an astronaut.  Further, having just seen my hero Eric Sevareid on the motion picture screen hours before, I left a message for Sevareid in the event "I" expired in MGA* and that message was "Tell Eric Sevareid that I know that he tried to help me.  Tell him that he did help me!  Tell him that it was more of a pleasure to exist knowing that he did TOO!!!  The laughing attorney John T. Nolan in Oct 1985 KNEW ALL ABOUT THAT ALSO>


The date above is April 9, 1959 which is one month after my March 1, 1959 birthday party and I have advanced in my ruthless pursuit of 'Power' to be come "Mayor of Falconer Grammer school."  I have ENORMOUS authority and "I" am also "Captain of the School Safety Patrol" and "I" Lead the Color Squad before 500 people, grades 3rd thru 8th regularly and often a hundred or more parents in the balcony.  In this position I do not ask or interupt the teacher to leave the class.  I just get up and leave.  To the 3rd floor I go where AT LAST I have the whole room to pace up and down along the windows, to examine gravitational field Intensities as we travel 'OUTWARD' in the universe of planets, Stars, clusters of stars and GALAXIES to he EDGE of the recognized universe beyond which is INFINITE EMPTINESS>>>!!!!  ('Your Arse!' says Willam Wallace, Mel Gibson of Sterling....)  A very religious Timothy V. Krier is CERTAIN that God will not leave that EMPTY!!!  1st bars of "Also Sprach Zarathusthusra" would be appropriate here!!!! or "Bethtoven's 5th!!!!  To the detriment of Timothy, he is caught pondering the structure of the universe (and not 'pussies who argue about ethical conduct) by the principle Helen F. Stoner whom wants his thoughts.  Peaved at his interruption he fires off his Ten Commandments Law of God lecture on 'Just obey the 10 Commandments and let me get on with something perhaps equally import and which enhances and codifies the GOOD and BEAUTY here!!!  'After all gravitational fields from an infinite surrounding universe EXIST and STRUCTURE the very space through which we walk Mrs Stoner!!! That is important to think about IFF it could be REALITY!!!  To her initial inquiry if I were thinking so hard over school business, I replied 'No.  My men are taking care of school business and this is what I am thinking about: _______  However at that time, April 1959, I have only guessed that the Universal Law of gravitation extends inversely in distance from the stellar source.  Eighteen years later In December 1977, Geoffrey Chew would ask me "You were 11, 12 maybe thirteen years old when you SAW IT?"  My reply was "No I was older."  In fact "I" saw gravitation and atomic structure on the night of April 18, 1955.  I saw the VISION that appears like "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in 1st year high school physics at Lane Tech Chicago.  And I had my 1st re-callable brain wave resonance on the day of April 18, 1955.  In Nov 1984 some weeks after taking the picture of Mr. Copper Dollar charging up the steps to take away my camera, "I" on an EEG which I requested, produced a partial brain wave resonance.  Attorney John T. Nolan during trial at lunch emphacised to me 'how important that was!!!'  Weeks later he laughed. Is that hard to believe?

The theory of the universal law of gravitation which "I" conceived of in grammer school was that of taking concentric sphereical, very thin shells, surrounding the source particle/star and placing an EQUAL amount of field in each tiny spherical shell.  Since the volume of the thin shell increases with radial distance and we place an EQUAL amount of field in each shell, then, obviously, the DENSITY of field in each shell decreases in proportion to the radial distance of the shell from the material source.  Hence if the 'force' is proportional to the density of field, then the force of the field of gravitation decreases inversely with the distance from the source.  Interestingly "I" in grammar school never calculated the volumes of these shells AND in fact "I" never did do that until "I" read "Relativity" 1961 by Albert Einstein "CONSIDERATIONS ON THE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE" three pages.  I did not know that that book existed until 1974 when at Moes book store Berkeley "I" discovered the book which I  purchased used for 60 cents.  The same year 1974 "I" pointed out to Professor Abe Taub at Berkekley my VISUAL method by which "I" conceived of the gravitational field.  Professor Taub thought and then stated "Yes that is correct but I never thought of it that way."  Mathematically 'my' method is described very sophisticatedly and POWERFULLY by Laplaces equation "div(dot)G=0".  'My' method will be neccessary in the dialogue between Einstein, deBroglie and Child prodigy in order for it to be VISUALLY clear to ALL beginning in grammar school.  If it is NOT visually clear "I" will NOT allow it and 'you will shut up.'  

    At this time 1959 in grammar school "I" had watched CBS "Conquest" with Eric Sevareid since mid 1950's and I had taken a "Science class" ~ 1958.  Both distrurbed me and made me impatient and made me 'feel stupid!'  How is that?  I was with a "PASSION" interested in seeing 'HOW' from 1st Principles one arrived at ALL these 10's to hundreds of physical facts which we were forced to memorize without recourse to the fundamental laws from which these facts/numbers could be derived.  As far as the LAW of Gravitation went, I thought it must be TOO complicated for children to grasp and/or 'top secret.'  Today in retrospect we point out that David Gross of and James B. Hartle are welcome to ply you with their 'theory of gravitation and the nuclear field.'  Gross in 2004 was proud to boast that received 75,000/hits per day. 







E Pluribus UnUm Physics  Feb 13, 2010-July 4, 2011

                                            (Thanks for Phocemion/Allah/God-the following unfolds)
                   Gravitational Interaction and ‘COMPLIMENTARITY’ of D.N.A’..  

                                        Valentines Day    February 13, 2010 

                                                       The X1-Pure Gravitational.

                 Designed to uplift Penelope and Ulysses, in Pure Gravitational Interaction, to the threshold of Paradise & Beyond.  The ‘measure and depth’ of interaction is determined by the HARMONY of DNA Complementarity, including xx-xy chromosomes and  brain-heart-cell complementarity of the ‘pure gravitationally structured, closely interacting’ Ulysses and Penelope.                                                                                                                                           This is NOT PORNOGRAPHIC --- there is NOTHING FICTIONAL or delusional about this. This IS Structure Laws I & II in Resonant Harmony- set in motion by GOD/Allah; this is ‘Gladiator’ in the arena of LOVE.' (Sheep skin in a meadow of flowers, also recommended.) 

 Valentines Feb 13, 2010.  A fitting tribute to the letter of June 1972 from Louis de Broglie and R. Courrier.  'Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology' was the 1st moments VISION in 1961 high school physics when I backed out from MGA^-x, x=1, 2, 3, 4 and saw myself and brain as a superimposed PURE GRAVITATIONAL STRUCTURE!!!! (Photon carry NO electric charge!!! Photons carry inertial and gravitational mass!!!!  The photon IS also the graviton!!!  I experienced an enormous brain wave resonance eminating form the amygdaloid nucleus core and rising upwards-outwards.  This was far in excess of that experienced in 3rd grade on April 18, 1955 upon learning of atoms. See "Creation of the Universe" last minutes on "Einstein used to say"..."What is it about the brain that so resonates...' A Timothy Ferris, Texas Instruments production 1985 & 1997.

  A personification of "White Satin" created by the French, buried by Americana for 37 years.  Compare to K.I.T.P. "Quantum foam" below.  Take a ride to 'the source' with Brian Greene, "Elegant Universe" Hr 2, Ch 1, 2003-2014.

Pure Gravitational Thinking and Complementarity Interaction   

    In 1633 Nicholas Copernicus displaced the earth and humans from ‘the center 0f motion about which the universe of stars evolves’; In 1850 Charles Darwin observed
that human beings are merely modified versions of monkeys in an evolutionary hierarchy of life forms; On April 28, 1953 Francis Crick and James D. Watson proved that
all life is structured from ‘molecular’ D.N.A., an  elegant Visual Structure built in a hierarchy from atoms and molecules, and, in so doing, that ‘ALL life’ is ‘simply a
matter of chemistry,’ the chemistry of atoms and molecules.

    In 1944 physicist Erwin Schrödinger wrote “WHAT IS LIFE” 1944 .  There Schrödinger speculated that understanding life might even require ‘laws of physics
which we had not yet discovered nor understood’--- but it did NOT turn out that way; In 1913 Neil Bohr proved dramatically that all ‘matter is made of atoms’ with his
‘solar system model of the atom,’ and, in so doing, elegantly, like a ‘Blue Danube waltz’ extended the ‘Vision of Copernicus’--- Einstein described Bohr’s theory as
“The highest form of musicality in science.”

    In 1969-70 a paper “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 was written which architectonically displaced our atomistic matter of construction, as but one of an infinite
number of ‘outward-inward’ stratified structural atomistic universes; AND concomitantly, in one fell-swoop, and without further assumption, EXHIBITED that atoms
are structured from a pure gravitational Einsteinian unified field structure’ which is manifestly INHERENT’ in a child’s assumption of an atomistic hierarchy; In 1976
a second independent Einsteinian approached, developed EXACTLY the same ‘pure gravitational unified field structure’ as developed in “On the Structure of The Field” 1969
-70 (abbreviated “O.S.F.” 1969-70.)  Hence, the discovery that ALL life is made of atoms and their interactions, has been further reduced in structure to:   

        ALL life forms interact in the arena of PURE GRAVITATIONAL INTERACTION
        with no other interaction necessary or consistent with a ‘hierarchical cosmology.’  

Pure Gravitational Interaction.  
   In the ‘Pure Gravitational’ Unified Field Structure of the Atomistic Hierarchy, the ‘substance of reality’ has been reduced from ‘elementary particles and their interactions  
through the electric and gravitational fields,’ to a rising resonant superposition construction of pure gravitational fieldsemanating from’ the infinitesimal substructure of
the elementary particles, described as a “Physio-topological Inversion in P0 substructure” in “O.S.F.” 1969-70 pp. 11-13. ALL of material reality, elementary particles
and fields, appears as ‘a superposition of PURE GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS’; “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 described protons-electrons-neutrons and their diverging gravitational fields as “Differential Field Formation Entities” or “D.F.F.E.”  As it will be portrayed in the cinematography of the film on the Childs atomistic hierarchy, every elementary
corpuscle of matter-energy, including photons, will be seen as an infinitively large universe, structured from a superposition of rising, resonant pure gravitational fields, in quantum lifts,
arriving at the surface of our elementary particles, and diverging ‘like the prelude to “Also Sprach Zarathustra.”  The ‘certainty’ of this ‘Resultant field structure’ is as certain as
the rising-resonant bars of “A.S.Z.”; once the 1st  base bars are begun, it is ‘impossible not to continue and rise and lift, to the crescendo of that audio paradise’; further, ‘once you have
heard the prelude to “Also Sprach Zarathustra” which is only three minutes in length, of rising-lifting audio ecstasy, it is ‘impossible to deny, if you are ‘sane’--- that you had never heard it.’                                                                                                                                             
    The Quantitative Extent of Architectonic Structural and Dynamic Enrichment: As a consequence, without further assumption, what happened in the extension of the structure
of the universe to regions which were formerly without structure, WAS an ‘eminently richer ‘interacting’ gravitational reality emerged.’  Basically, at the visual capabilities of ~ 8th grade
or sooner, the gravitational field structure of our elementary particles P0 has been increased by 1080 fold at the 1st substructural level of interaction, (1st sublevel p_1) and by 1080 more at the 2nd substructural level (2nd sublevel P-1) and, again by 1080 more at the 3rd substructural level., and so on forever.

  As a consequence, where once we saw only ‘one’ gravitational field component diverging from the proton-electron-neutron elementary particle substructure, we now see a HIGHLY
structured infinite superposition of gravitational fields, and, our own proton-electron 1/R2 gravitational field is constructed from 1080components.  In the evolution of ‘seeing’:

             1. Where, once upon a time, for Einstein, there was only ONE diverging component of gravitational field, there are now 1080 underlying P-1 latent photon components which ‘reach out’ and interact with the latent photon substructure of all other surrounding elementary particles.

             2. Where formerly for Einstein, there was no understanding of ‘how’ the gravitational field was ‘generated’ by the substructure of the elementary particle or ‘how’ the gravitational field of one elementary particle interacted with the substructure of another elementary particle, it is now CLEAR that the ‘structures’ and ‘interactions’ are ‘pure gravitational’ and reach infinitely far and ‘deeply’ inside the mutual substructure of both elementary particles as ‘D.F.F.E.’


    The brain is a hierarchical structure of atoms assembled to form four basic molecules, symbolized by A,T, G, C which are the basic building blocks of life in the form of D.N.A., a double helical structure constructed from billions of these four atoms arranged in ‘base pairs’, A-T and G-C in a winding double helical pattern.  There IS a law to the
elementary building structure to the D.N.A. molecule.  That law is described as “Complementarity of Base pairs” (see “DNA” James D. Watson 2003).  The atoms of the base pairs are VISUAL elements as is the double helical DNA structure --- this ‘seeing’ into the elementary structure law of the basic building block of ‘life’ is a supreme celebration of ALL of Neils Bohr’s solar system model of the atom--- ‘the highest form of musicality in science’ A. Einstein--- as Bohr’s atom is a celebration of Copernicus’ solar system model;  everything is a celebration of ‘Visual Thinking and ‘Child-like curiosity.’

    Attached here separately is a Word document “Thinking in HC AND THE LAW OF GOD ‘oct 31’-table”, this document is being edited, however you find many pictures there
which are a celebration of Visual thinking.  From that document we now attach one section “The BRAIN and How we View Its Activity”:

 How do the brains of Human beings and All living Creatures Interact with each other?

The Classical ‘old-fashioned Vision above, or in the Finite Island Universe Vision of Albert Einstein and James D. Watson, ‘SEES’ brain activity via the electrical currents and especially electromagnetic fields, or ‘photons’--- the billiard ball common sense ‘photons’ of Albert Einstein, which, are emitted by the brain cells and absorbed by the electrical instruments EEG, MEG, PET above.  In the Atomistic hierarchy of ‘the Child’ or ‘Star Child’ as well as the ‘Einsteinian Hierarchical Cosmology’ it is OBVIOUS that what we formerly ‘supposed to be an interaction taking place between the ‘mutual surfaces of  electrical particles, protons-electrons, mediated by a continuous electric field, is REALLY no more than a gravitational interaction taking place in the 1st,2nd.. substructural levels of the infinite hierarchy’ – we KNOW something gravitational about the substructure of
elementary particles which Einstein-Schrödinger and Watson did not. To wit,

  ‘The continuous electric field interaction between the ‘surfaces’ of ‘charged’ elementary particles, is REALLY no more than a gravitational interaction between the substructure of elementary particles that have ‘no electric charge’ but have a substructural hierarchical universe structure, P_1 are gravitationally interacting latent photons--- just waiting to be stimulated for emission. (Stimuli: Sparkle in Penelope’s eyes, interacting with same in Ulysses’).
According to Einstein-Schrödinger-Watson, they do NOT know anything about the substructure of the proton-electron or how it is ‘the source of electric charge and the electric and gravitational fields.  Today, everybody knows beginning about 8th grade.



If we begin with the atomic-molecular structure of D.N.A. and begin building into genes of 100,000 types of genes/humans and then a further hierarchy of Chromosomes,
with 23 types of Chromosomes in humans, each of which is structured on the average from a sequence of ~ 1000 genes in a small chromosome, and we begin adding Plus and
 Minus charges and their corresponding electric fields, we find that the NET RESULTANT ELECTRIC CHARGE AND FIELD IS ZERO.  Visually, this is like adding and
subtracting assets and debts monetarily but even easier because it is VISUAL; the structure of ‘a field is a visual structure as is the structure of the human body. (It is NOT
a Derivative.’)  The adding and subtracting of the electric fields, begins and ends at the elementary particle, electron-proton level which we NOW know something GRAVITA-
TIONAL about thanks to ‘Hierarchical Cosmology.’  One can and MUST ADD and SUBTRACT ELECTRIC FIELDS to get THE RESULTANT TOTAL ELECTRIC

    Overall, the human brain is an electrically neutral physical body with no net resultant electric field which is characteristic of and emanates from the total of one trillion cells –
skin-bone-brain--which make up the human body. The brain is ‘the source’ – the ROME, similar as the elementary particle is ‘the source of the field.’  The brain contains 50 billion brain neurons with one ‘axon’ from the cell body, that extends as far as one meter and contains at its end, thousands of ‘dendrites which ‘reach outward’ and couple with the dendrites of other axons’ where ‘sparks of photo-electrons’ are emitted.  There are a million billion such connections in the wiring of the human brain. The brain is further characterized by compartments called ‘lobes’ which selectively interpret particular kinds of information—including ‘reason’ and ‘art’ and the lobes are all connected in the wiring...
In the case of Penelope and Ulysses we are interested in their XX and XY COMPLIMENTARY chromosomal structures—the sequence of genes which make them
‘female’ and ‘male’ and interact with ALL lobes of the brain, harmoniously or otherwise according to the law of Complementarity. The maximum Complimentary interaction gets
us closer to Adam and Eve or ‘True Love’ not just ‘SEX.’ 

    If we examine the XX and XY chromosomes in the brain cells Electrically we find that they CANCELL OUT over distances larger than a few molecules AND there is NO INTERACTION of those fields with the substructure of the elementary particles which gave rise to the fields--- that includes no interaction with the latent photons which when
emitted, produce the visual sensation of the sparkle in Penelope’s eyes.  From the point of view of atoms and electric charge and field, DNA and the hierarchy of the Brain is a marvelous structure, however, from a distance larger than a few molecules, there is NO RESULTANT FIELD SIGNATURE EXCEPT THE GRAVITATIONAL FIELD STRUCTURE, WHICH, IN THE FINITE ISLAND UNIVERSE OF EINSTEIN-SCHRODINGER-WATSON IS VERY, VERY WEAK AND IGNORED.

    Looked at from the extended Hierarchical Universe Pure Gravitational View where the interaction takes place at the level of Latent photons P_1 in P0 substructure, the unique
DNA-Genetic-Chromosomal structure that IS Penelope, EMINATES from her as a summation of 1/R2 STRONG GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS COUPLED TO LATENT
PHOTONS AND READY TO BE EMITED, IF PROPERLY STIMULATED BY SOME RESONATE HARMONIC COMPLEMENTARY STRUCTURE also built from DNA and Brain lobes- hands-heart- nerve and sinew. Penelope’s total D.F.F.S. from all one trillion cells, controlled by the Brain Lobes interacts with your characteristic D.F.F.S. which is the summations of your TOTAL Gravitational Field structure of the one trillion cells, and especially Brain that is you. The TOTAL INTERACTION between Penelope and Ulysses together includes other stimulus to the body and brain, e.g. sounds-music, memories, smells, tastes, proteins, amino acids, saliva... and it produces photons--- sparkle in her eyes and brain waves and/or feelings which echo throughout the structure and within the elementary particles of the brain. Depending on how COMPLIMENTARILY related you are beginning with XX-XY chromosomes, YOU, YOUR  RESULTANT ONE TRILLION CELLS DO THE PRODUCING OF RESULTS and NOT SOME CHANCE FLUKE in the laws of nature and ‘COMPLIMENTARITY.’ In the extended Atomistic Hierarchy and it’s pure gravitational interaction, YOU are more than ever, ‘the master of your own fate and those you truly love.’ Charles Dickens “Great Expectations.”    

      If you look at the arena above where we exhibit the ‘X1-PURE GRAVITATIONAL’ designed for Penelope and Ulysses and compare the two views of ‘Atomistic Interaction’
compared to ‘Pure Gravitational Interaction’ the following ‘Strong associations’ apply,

                   1.      The atomistic interaction is comparable to interaction upon a bed spread                             of ‘ball bearings’ or worse?

              compared to,

                    2.      The Total Gravitational Interaction in which the Silk Sheets above,                                        have a billion fold more components, themselves ‘Pure Gravitational                                     Structured’ and resonantly in harmony with the summation field of BOTH                              Ulysses-Penelope.

Number 2 is ‘LOVE’ Number 1 is SEX; at least according to the new view of REALITY.
    What has just been proposed above, is an immediate consequence of that axiomatic physical theory laid down axiomatically in ONE paragraph in “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70 and developed in 18 pages, where on page 19, the Pure Gravitational Unified Field Structure was introduced. You can see the description of that realization in the paper
“In Defense of a Physical theory Known as the Dimensional Structure” 1976.  We SUMMARIZE from 40 years of experience and the documentation found in

     The emergence of the PURE GRAVITATIONAL UNIFIED FIELD STRUCTURE, by comparison, is
                           a.       ‘Audio metrically’ equivalent to the ‘rising, resonant crescendo in the prelude to                         “Also Sprach Zarathustra” Richard Strauss
                           b.       The Visual panorama is best appreciated beginning in childhood.
                           c.        What happened is ‘in excess’ of that which Einstein described in 1950                                                   ‘Scientific American’ on

                                                   1. “The rise of atomistics.”
                                                   2. “Children’s passion for music”
                                                   3. “The miracle creed” and
                                                   4. ‘A celebration of ‘paucity in logical elements.’ 

That these claims are in fact true, is proven in my letter of April 27, 1974 from Margot Einstein and in the September 1984 tape recording of  Behavioral neurology where I went on to
exhibit in Oct 1984 on EEG the ‘rising, resonant brain wave pattern’ corresponding to “Also Sprach Zarathustra”  as well as in the paper “In Defense of a Physical Theory Known as the
Dimensional Structure” 1976 Timothy V. Krier now available on Amazon/Kindle as is “On the Structure of The Field” 1969-70.

    WRIT to the Vision above:  The Vision laid down here in 2010 was manifestly OBIVIOUS in 1970.  The subsequent involvement of others exhibits:  The United States press ‘corpse’ and it’s ‘Culture of Idolatry Worship’ had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my CREATIVE PROCESS and ‘My VISION.’  The VISION which is being described in words here, transcends language and can be transmitted Visually and Audio metrically via music, with a minimum of dialogue, and then embellished with those features of every culture which fit
harmoniously in the Vision.


    Below we attach the Video from “Elegant Universe” 2003 Brian Greene  www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wgbh/nova/elegant Hour 2, Chapter1 “Two Conflicting theories” in which Brian Greene enters an elevator an descends to the elementary particle substructural level into “Quantum Foam” and sees Einstein.  Further we attach the audio from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2005 where it is proposed that Quantum foam at the level of Brain Greene is itself structured from a smaller architectonic level of MORE QUANTUM FOAM.

  QUESTION: Is ‘Quantum Foam’ that which you think underlies the RESONANT elementary particle substructure, that is the underlying source of D.N.A. , genes, chromosomes the brain and its interconnected lobes which send forth the sparkle in your Penelope’s eyes; and is the fiber in the silk sheets of the X1 PURE GRAVITATIONAL ??
                               Elegant Universe Hr2, Ch1          National Institute for Theoretical Physics
                         "Two Conflicting Theories"2003     "Quantum Foam"Loop Quantum Gravity"



The Childs Atomistic Hierarchy’ is vivid architecture and-  “The Universe as a hierarchy”  - “This law has been called ‘the greatest            Stirs Child-like INTUITION on the UNIFYING presence-   Four examples of Hierarchical-    generalization achieved by the human mind’..”-  of gravitation  Hence the 1st deep BASE Bars of        organization   A planet (person), --  Last sentence: “What is the ratio of the     "Also Sprach Zarathustra"                                             a galaxie, a group of galaxies      gravitational  force to the electric force?”                                                                                                                                          Richard P. Feynman “The Messenger                                                                                                                                        Lectures” 1964                                                                                                                                                                          (available on video, BBC)


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