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March 1, 2014-The birth date 'deemed' NOT to be by K.I.T.P.?

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May 9, 2015.  These are Word docs which will be part of the Web site On that web site links will be provided to most or all pics seen  above.  Below are links to the words above "Father" and "Hydrogen" seen above right under the Edward Teller pic.  I knew Teller & hand delivered in late 1972 to Mrs Teller "O.S.F."1969-70 & two essays.  There is not ONE mention of that work or Teller's friendship with me,encouraging me to call him nor his friendship with Prof Hans Albert Einstein in Tellers "Memoirs" 2001.  Obviously already knows that since he has "The most powerful news investigative team in broadcast journalism." accorrding to he.

3, 2015. & Cultural Warriors: 'Analyze & Deliver.' &

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                                                     to Weisskopf, April 3, 1984) 

                                                 (Link to “O.S.F.” 1970, KITP Oct 7, 2004 audio)

(These are Word documents which will be available on the websites of http://TIMOTHYVKRIER.COM & http://TIMOTHYVKRIER.ORG)

This video was uploaded to Picasa web on July 4, 2015 from Washington D.C. at FedEx or Kinkos on Kst & 16th N.W. which is within sight of the White House which I 1st visited on Sept. 12, 1993 with tape recordings, photographs & documentation including Hit & Run, Hospitalization, Thorazine & surgery Rod/Tibia in Jan. 1991.  As always the present megalomaniac Barack Obama in the White House refuses to acknowledge my presence.  Hence on July 17, 2015 twelve days later, I uploaded a 2nd video of the same above but with explicit additions detailing the crime against humanity which Barack Obama & his have committed & continue to cover up.  

    Since Barack Obama was constrained by the forces of his culture not to reply to Timothy V. Krier whom traveled from Atlantic City, N.J. on July 1, 2015 to Washington D. C. and blocks from the White House, Krier again on July 17, 2015 re-uploaded the edited/enhanced video of July 4, 2015 which is found below. We here take the opportunity to emphacise that you will see pics from the video of the DVD film "IF" taken at Kinko's on Kst & 16th N.W. in winter 2007.  In these pics of 'The cupboard' you see a black garbage bag surrounding the pic which was placed there to block out light from the surrounding Kinko's office.  That garbage bag was part of the sleeping blanket of Krier in his overflow sewer pipe at the Potomac river in 2006-2008.  Hence you see that not only was the developing fetus buried in formaldehyde, placed & locked in the cupboard in the 1969 film, but, moreover  to add to the flavor of Satanism, we see that that the completely developed fetus of the child prodigy Krier at 61 years old was buried in an overflow sewer pipe the very evening in which he filmed at Kinko's "IF".  At that time, winter 2007, George W. Bush also 61 years old & four months younger than Krier, occupied the White House which was two 1/2 blocks away from the filming by Krier.


    We humbly dedicate the above video and film clip of cupboard to the most powerful men in the world or the history of the world, together with the fact that Timothy did NOT know or realize that his 'Villa by the Sea' was just under the steps where in the 1973 film "The Exorcist" Satan himself had catapulted the priest through a window and down steps to his death.  That FACT of filming was not known to Krier until October 2013 shortly after he survived TWO heart shocks at AtlantiCare Hospital by Dr. Inga Robbins.  A David Bowden at Bayside hotel next to The Irish Pub Atlantic City, was watching "The Exorcist" 1973 on the AMC channel when Krier entered the room to see the Key Bridge in Washington D.C..  Later Bowden expressed genuine doubt that Krier had NEVER seen "The Exorcist" 1973 before. In Krier's oppinion in 1973 after seeing previews, he seriously questioned the sanity of anyone who could sit through that film even ONCE.  Today we recognize it as a hallmark icon for the EXISTENCE of GOD contra SATAN.  With  that in mind we dedicate the above video & Picasa web folder on the "EXORCIST" 1973 to the libraries of the United States presidents:,,,,,, and to America's standing 'Dean of Broadcast Journalism,  

         April 25, 2015 at 10:03PM EST, USA.  President Barack Obama is about to address 'The White House Correspondents Dinner."  It is Saturday here and Clint Eastwood is on AMC channel 137 cable.  We have just seen "Out Law Jessie Wales" which ends with Eastwood bleeding onto his boot.  "I" am being monitored with a Holter ECG, heart was ~ 98.6/60 three days ago.  Doctor is waiting to bring down Warfarin level so that "I" do not bleed to death with heart Oblation-- (no blood on boot.)  This Holter is inaccurate since "I" live in sub human conditions with no woman.  I feel GOOD & intend eminent recovery.  In the event of failure terminate the UGLY.  We NEED a director as Mel Gibson; see trailor to "Brave Heart."  Gibson, NOT a pussy, as was NOT Gilbert Frances O'Boyle & James A. Colosimo,  lives & breathes to film & create.  I do NOT get along with 'pussies.'  Please see the White House Correspondents Dinner 'The Pussy Speaks' Dinner.'

    Beauty.  '1st I sought love, for in it I found in a mistic miniature the heaven that the saints & poets had talked about...'  So "I" read in Bertrand Russell's autobiography days before "I" traveled to Princeton on the spring day April 12, 1970.  Spring springs eternal.  In 1951 Timothy Victor O'Boyle entered Kindergarten at Brantano Elementary school. There he contracted 'chicken pox' & stayed home with Auntie who was his grandmother's sister & the 1st born of seven children in the U.S., all others born in Germany. At home while Timothy examined 'DUST PARTICLES' trying to see into their substructure as they swirled in the sunlight from the window & which reflected from the marble statue of Venius, his aunt Hattie played the record "God Bless America" Kate Smith of Texas. That memory was to be buried on Sept 15, 2013 with the decaying brain amygdaloidal core of little Timmy who FINALLY was assasinated.  And alas, with little Timmy O'Boyle dead, a child prodigy 'par excellance' never known to have existed, was finally buried 'the crime of the 20th century' committed by praying Jimmy Carter, C.I.A. George H. Bush, Slick Willie Clinton, George W. Bush & Barack Obama 'The most powerful men in the world or the history of the world' according to sooth sayer Chuck Hegel 2003 begging an excuse to 'kill again' in the name of 'Liberty & Justice for all.'

    The following video is dedicated to Americana & it's heroic warriors, H.Ross Perot & Mike Buegler of Texas Instruments, Plano, Texas, year 2010.

News flash: Sunday February 22, 2015. 12:21PM (EST)
    Given the scandal of Bill O'Reilly Fox news cable & his compulsion for exaggeration & self aggrandizement going back 33 years to the Falklands, Argentina, which in 2011 he codified with Marvin Kalb CBS, we BEG the American press to consider that the following three videos about REALITY which were to have been buried by the entire U.S. press & not just O'Reilly  after September 15, 2013, i.e. one year five months ago, if I had died on September 15, 2013 due to heart failure precipitated by chemical poisoning in late June 2013.

    In addition to the below video FACTS we emphasis that my REAL BRAVADO which was to be buried, included the 9mm automatic pistol which D.E.A. in April 1991 'laid over my noise & butted hardly into my forehead' while I hollered "Shoot asshole! Shoot asshole! Shoot!" Note that G.H. Bush authorized D.E.A. to carry guns AFTER 1986 & I underwent SUBLIMATION/INTERROGATION & AMYGDALOIDAL annihilator & that D.E.A. did NOT point the gun at the drug pushers but at 'the child prodigy of the 20th century' who launched the "War on Drugs" on August 23, 1984 when Mr. Copper Dollar charged up to take his camera, see picasaweb.
   By relation;comparison;contrast:  Today, According to O'Reilly's account in the Falklands 'a young soldier pointed his rifle at O'Reilly, who claimed he "thought it was over." Not just O'Reilly but the entire U.S. press is a disgrace & "insult" to the human race. (Note Gloria Borger on CNN, channel 56 has just used the word "insult" to describe Julianies challenge to Barack Obama's patriotism.  Now she is using 'hateful remarks' & talking about the American people * "Vision" & presidential candidates & their "Visions."  Catch this act every Sunday on "State of the Union" CNN, 12:00 noon 'High Noon' in the U.S.A.  12:48 PM Now they are talking about "We are helping the mentally ill.")

In the previous video you hear attorney John T. Nolan laughing days after he assassinated the trial "Krier vs The Copper Dollar of Iowa City"  Sept. 21-30, 1985.  Nolan lost $1.2 million which was the biggest case Nolan had ever had.  One of the MANY funny points is that Nolan requested that my graduate advisor the eminant physicist James A. van Allen testify on the witness stand. Van  Allen testified to the effect that 'my theory was worthless so far as he could tell.'  Above is the theory of Brian Greene, KITP, &, & as well as no less than the modern day 'Dean of Broadcast Journalism'  Greene & companies theory is worth far less than nothing, it is gravitationally INSANE, IMMORAL & would disqualify one from a Phd.  Yet it nets $10's of millions to hundreds million of $ & the U.S. Public pays for it.  Appropriate at this point would be the song "Oh Happy Days, when Jesus was!" sung by gospel singers lead by conductor/physicist Jimmy Carter. (Place H. Ross Perot in the choir since Texas Instruments was in Nolan's pocket in Oct-Nov 1985.)


    The Autobiography of 'the most powerful man in the world or the history of the world.'


Everything is more.  We repeat Everything is more.  Pause & think if you are capable of understanding & seeing what is meant by "All is more!".  That which we mean is as follows: Reality in the form of a hierarchical gravitational cosmology, has been extended dramatically, for each of us as individuals, & collectively as cultures & nations.  These men seen here, the American Presidents, have censored that gravitational Einsteinian reality, from our view & have done so for 38 years & are steeped in censor at this moment.  These men if they dare to call themselves “Men,” have done far, far, far more damage to reality & the evolution of life, than did Adolf Hitler in the murder of 6 million jews and Stalin did in the murder of 13 million capitalists.  Hitler also had a German youth core.  These arrogant American swine hunts seen here, have censored ‘the fabric of reality’ from their own children & the children of the world for 38 years.  These megalomaniac dictators, know that the universe is infinite in hierarchical gravitational structure, outward in the infinite reaches of otherwise empty space & inward in an infinite dynamic structure to elementary particles, &, that REALITY for each of us as individuals, and, collectively as nations & cultures, has been extended dramatically in the form of a gravitational field reality that is easily seen by all, beginning in childhood, world-wide.  These men have censored from each of us, a  vision that salutes reality & the evolution of life & consciousness in the very real, very dynamic & structurally woven gravitational hierarchical universe.  These men are the high lords of darkness, dark, dark, dark, darkness! 

   These men at this moment & with every billion brain neuron-snaps, or seconds, are censoring in excess of 3 billion people, from a moral, social & cultural compass, to extend & codify, that which is good & bright about themselves & their culture, that, through experience, has forged out-- like carbon in iron that forges steel-- a healthy strong path-way into the future, that is based on the best in their cultural inheritance. That which compounds the Crime against humanity, is that each of these American great,  great, greats, was alive & able to see that vision since Jimmy Carter in 1977 & including Ronald Reagan 1981, George H. Bush 1989, Bill Clinton 1993, George W. Bush 2001 & Barack Obama 2009, but, each swine hunt refused to acknowledge that such a hierarchical gravitational Einsteinian reality existed & was censored from view & their own children.  That is, for 38 years, each American president has played stupid while they codified & extended idolatry worship to the office of the U S presidency- which is the reason that they sought that office in the first place.  Here we see on Presidents day, Monday February 16, 2015, the lords of darkness & self idolatry worship who ‘bag their prey' & the children of the world, by way of a self serving U S press that pretends that it is blind in the megalomaniac presidential censor which TAKES for personal agg-grandizement of their presidency. 

    Talking points for & Barack Obama, 1. Each of the men seen here, serves a 4 year term as president of the United States, is that correct?  2. Is there any published document in science, gravitation & religion which is published after “On the structure of the field” 1970, which, like the detonation of a nuclear weapon, exhibits ‘How long’ it will take for that censored vision, to provide a moral, social & cultural compass for all peoples on earth? 3. Is that document in The International Journal of General Relativity & Gravitation in 1974 which is 4 years after "On the Structure of the field" 1970!  Question 4. Is anything said here, an exaggeration?  Barack Obama & Bill O'Reilly, speak to the reality of censor!  Vid 2, Barack Obama immediately upon election & not yet sworn in has ALL living presidents assemble in the White House Oval Office for a photograph.  This photograph exhibits SIX of 'The most powerful men in the world or the history of the world' since 1976 & Jimmy Carter.
"I" was never to have existed and should have been buried on Sept 15, 2013.

'The Ascent of Man' would have 'happily continued under the direction of Barack Obama & the entire American press who could not stop the International film which Krier had proposed & delivered Internationally.  Obviously the film of every country would be premiered at The American Motion Picture Association, adjacent White House & members of the U.S. House/Senate would be present there & in the parliaments of every country, Islam,Asia,Europe, Scandinavia, India, Africa, Latin & South America, where the film premierd.


March 1, 2014.  Return of the Gladiator.  Chronological presentation of the videos which were uploaded after April 13, 2013 & Miranda offered to assist me in developing my website. 1st April 17, 2013, next April 21, 2013. By May 24, 2013 and May 26, 2013  am demonstrating that there was NEVER a 'Law of nuclear field structure' as "I" in fact pointed out to Jimmy Carter on May 24, 19777.  By May 26, 2013 "I" am kicking the chit out of K.I.T.P and two days after the May 26, 2013 Weisskopf video upload I was sprayed for the 1st time of numerous times, with a mist, directly in the face & resulting within ~ 1 day in a DRAMATIC CRASH of my heart function and  endurance. I lasted until Sept 13, 2013 when I was rescued by Dr. Inga Robbins. Also here, DVD's related Cosmos Studios withdrawal of "The BEST of Cosmos" Nov 22, 2000 to Aug. 2004 on PBS/Discovery was an 'Admission of GUILT' 600 million times in 60 countries & Cosmos Studios in Nov 2000 announced it was reaching for 1 billion by 2005. has withdrawn "Wave Fn. of the Universe" Sept 2003, "Dedication"Oct 7, 2004 & an enormous amount of HISTORIC events at the National Inst. for theoretical Physics. How much money did NSF & US tax payer pay for KITP's parties, travel, Buffet/"Drama & Theater in Theoretical Physics" 2004-2005??

     This is video exhibiting the event of Dec 2, 2014 when at ~ 5:30 PM at Wells Fargo ATM in Atlantic City, N.J. a 'lunatic' accuses me of looking over his shoulder to 'scam' his debit card number.  I am on 7 MG of Warfarin and want 'no trouble.'  Question, given this video was uploaded to Picasa web & stated that the Wells Fargo live video was forwarded immediately to the A.C. police department, could "I" have had the video as evidence in an Assault & Battery complaint?  Yes, yes, ye, yes & yes.  On Dec 4, 2014, two days later at 'Save a Lot' food stores at ~ 9:00AM my left arm exhibited DEEP BLUE veins in fore arm lower & upper from forearm to & throughout left hand.  It was a stunning visual difference compared to the right arm.  My left shoulder blade was HURT in the battery & fall & in front of my left shoulder blade is my heart.  If I had walked to AtlantiCare, one block away I would have been admitted immediately & with a report, etc., etc, etc..I did NOT since I want NOTHING todo with the law or lawyers of the united sates of america.  Further, as the video exhibits, if  police did NOT show, I would have been punched & kicked by two or more.  Had I 'won' and they lied dead on the sidewalk, I would have been arrested.  Many people especially chair rollers know that.  Log onto You Tube & "Atlantic City Boardwalk chair roller knock outs" (or similar) and see two of my friends go at it--- the winner is arrested.  The other, I love the guy, is simply 'knocked out.'
Hence the 'Return of Rocky' for a 2nd time, one year after AtlantiCare Sept. 15, 2013, was almost hastened by 'a crack pot on probably heroin and some 'superman upper' where 99 lbs of heroin degenerated muscle is going to throw me though a plate glass window....  The Americans will bury Hierarchical Cosmology with absolute impunity while their National Institute for theoretical physics gets plastered drunk celebrating their FRAUD.  There are 7 billion human evolved brains on this planet and the KITP drunken bast_rds are celebrating the CENSOR of more than 99% of Physical Reality in the infinite hierarchical Cosmology 'outwards' and 'inwards' that surrounds us, and, they are celebrating the CENSOR of the very REAL Goethe universes within each of us, the 7 billion amygdaloidal brain cores/universes, and, they have been FULLY aware since 1974 that children can and should understand that.

     If "I" had been punched & kicked on Dec 2, 2014 I would very well have bled to death promptly and you would never have seen the above video or those that follow.  At the time of the Dec 2, 2014 Assauly & Battery "I" had left my computer which was processing "Creation of the Universe" PBS, 1985 & 1997 which is a large video to create on Word 7 & takes ~ 45 minutes.  I returned after the Assult & Battery & it was still processing.  That video on Dec. 2, 2014 contained ONLY the 1985 & 1997 video by PBS & Texas Instruments.  The following day "I" decided to ADD my own physics in "The Creation of the Universe" 1985-1997 video at the point where Ledreman was talking about 'the greeks & atomism' & Wheeler 'So simple & so beautiful that when we see it we will all say 'Oh, how could it ever have been otherwise.' This Nov 25, 1985 video comes three weeks after the laugh of attorney John T. Nolan Oct 1985: what Wheeler was REALLY saying three weeks AFTER laughing attorney Nolan was  'Now we are going to kill the basta_d that I met at Princeton 15 years ago on April 13, 1970.  That video with historic additions which go back to 1970 "I" uploaded to Picasa Web on Dec 4, 2014.  I hope that those honest men who view this Blog, as well as PBS & Texas Instruments & the U.S. President on Jan 25, 2009, for whatever they are worth, notice the difference of 'with & without' my own physics, compared to yours.  (Canned laughter would be appropriate here as well as contact,,, and ask them about "Oh, how could it ever have been otherwise?"  Simply ask and 'Is there a unified field structure in the assumption of 1.An infinite hierarchical of galactic universes, and, 2. The Universal field of Gravitation goes exactly as 1/RR? If we assume 1 that of an infinite hierarchy of galaxies, then is not 2 'that the law of gravitation goes as 1/RR already INHERENT and therefore, all we need is ONE assumption in order to arrive at a unified field structure?? and, by gosh by golly, children can 'see' that!!  Wow! that would be an extraordinary celebration for "paucity in logical elements!! and 'thinking like Einstein." Further, is that unified field structure, the HARMONY structure law underlying E=mcc contra the macarbe nuclear weapons E=mcc?!! Let us pray brethren that 'deliberation would be at hand.'  Would this NOT be a major event in "The Ascent of Man"? You may be able to video chat live with which spends lavishly with your fathers tax payer money and detracts from your very own "No Child left behind" Federal program.

If for example you are doing a primary school or high school science report, you should document your inquiry of and send it to who does "REALITY CHECKS" daily on the Fox News cable network which he advertises as "The most powerful news investigative team in broadcast journalism."  You may be able to ask Hannity about the gravitational issue here and video chat with or the Fox news science editor since religious moral issues as well as financial issues may also be at issue here, or, your U.S. Congress person, 2009 V.P.candidate Paul Ryan at Greta van Susteren at  You may grow up to become 'The President of the United States.'  You may have at your command, the authority to launch intercontinental ballistic missles with multiple war heads of 10 megatons of nuclear hell on earth, or you may see shortly, your own Capital destroyed with suite case sized nuclear weapons.

The above video is Part 1 of "Creation of the Universe" 1985, 1997.  Is is 95mb and less than 100mb in order to be uploaded to this blog, the topic of which is 'censor' of ideas and men.  Below you see the pic of a hypersnap of Part 2 "Creation of the Universe" 1985-1997 which was 85mb BUT would not upload.  Hence below these pics links have been placed to take you to Krier's Picasa web and those videos.  If you contact he will be flattered.  However, if you contact about 'Why have you NOT helped Krier, before and after he delivered you at Fox News "Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology" Feb 13, 2010--- FOUR long years ago.  "Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology" Feb. 13, 2010 is the subject of the preceeding blog.

  Vid 2 Part 2 "Creation of the Universe"1985 & 1997, PBS & Texas Instruments.  80mb UNABLE to Upload to Blog March 1, 2014 Not meant to be KITP? Blog  Vid Part 3 "Creation of the Universe"1985 & 1997, PBS & Texas Instruments.76.6mb

It is Sunday morning here in Atlantic City & "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer CBS News is on at 11:00AM E.S.T..  If you can, please tune in and video copy his sagacious remarks on morality & the U.S. Dept. of Justice.  Remember on Jan 25, 2009 Schieffer post swear -in of Barack Obama/Joe Biden, interviews V.P. Joe Biden and concluded with "our children" & the theme 'we do not torture.'  The video links here go back to Nov 25, 1985 and laughing attorney John T. Nolan.  Given what you find on Picasa Web, how many & in what line of work, were involved in the laugh of attorney John T. Nolan?  Was Carl Sagan involved; was CBS News involved;Was the C.I.A involved; Was UCSB National Institute for theoretical physics, Santa Barbara involved (observe the U.S. Ed student loan demands in March 1986 during SUBLIMATION, 70 Westland Ave, Boston). At what point can 6th thru 8th graders world-wide realize that the biblical & Islamic creature "SATAN" is involved?

 Dec 14, 2014.  John McCain also on C-Span tells us all about "The 20thCentury: The American Century."  I saw that trash on ~ Sept 18, 2013 after having just survived massive heart failure and two heart shocks.  McCain was also at, as the U.S. Press labeled it LIVE "The Last Supper" economic talks with Barack Obama & other apostles at the Mayfair Hotel across from the White House & U.S. Treasury, Washington, D.C. 2010  & he will be an apostle again to determine the next U.S. president in 2016.  My property in Plano Texas just North of the G.W. Bush and G.H. Bush presidential libraries contains a tape recording of myself in Mc Cains senatorial office in Oct 2002.  I anounced & held up the tape recorder and delivered photgraphs and tape recordings of the unbelievable filthy, vile Toilet, Urinal, Sink contamination, that went on nightly for 5 years at DoubleTree, Reagan National Airport-"Windows Over Washington" restarant.  I was FIRED within two weeks.  Where was Mc Cain?  I must travel to Plano Texas to ship my property OUT of the U.S..  What will McCain do about that?  Does Mc Cain think that I have a right to travel freely and safely to get my property?  In my property is the razor sharp blade with which I would cut my own throat in the event I were taken alive at Humana, Anchorage, after 70 Westland Ave, Boston and the amygdaloidal anhillator.  I also have there, the tape recordings of my 'Mc Cain-like valor.'  Listen here about laughing attorney Nolan, one year later and "surgery."  Consider here that, NO DOUBT, Nolan has had the C.I.A. and George H. Bush behind him for more than one year and Carl Sagan, two days before appeared on Fox news cable, Washington D.C. which I saw and prompted this Sept 10, 1986 phone call.  Keep in mind here, the driving force is that I believe in valor and goodness, always, but after March 28, 1984, I believe in God, as I woke and exclaimed.  Nolan, C.I.A. and George H. Bush are the most EVIL MOTHER-TRUCKERS ever to be exposed in the public arena and the American press has known that since 1985-86.  Is John Mc Cain just another 'Pimp for Satan?'  Ask him. 

     As you listen to John T. Nolan Oct 1985 and September 1986, consider the theater and drama (K.I.T.P. opiate) in the fact that Nolan is speaking from his office on Court St. and behind his desk ~ 2 ft. is as you look at him, his degree in Law from the University of Iowa, which is placed to EXACTLY appear over his right shoulder, and over his left shoulder is a CERTIFICATE appearing as his Law degree with the ribbon and all, that states "FROM the SUPREME COURT of the UNITED STATES to JOHN T. NOLAN.."  This IS thearter and drama at its best which the American Great man presents to ALL of his clients which sit before him and trust him.

As the clients of John T. Nolan discuss their case with Nolan, seated at his desk in front of them, ‘they’ his future victims see ‘Above the right shoulder of Nolan, his University of Iowa Law degree’ and above Nolan’s left shoulder they see a ‘CERTIFICATE FROM THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES TO JOHN T. NOLAN.’  Both appear to be ‘resting on the shoulders of John T. Nolan.’  Hence, Nolan presenting an image of himself as a man of ‘COMPETENCE, INTEGRITY and RESPECT’ from the ‘heights of Olympus; The Supreme Court of the United States. 


Chemically altering the brain chemistry dramatically
alters normal brain function & in the case of Thorazine
permanently damages the brain and access to the
amygdaloidal core, the soul, which for a child prodigy WAS
like in January 1991, severing the neuron-channels to a world of miracles.                                                                           

Thorazine is a new and elevated form of Satanism peculiar
to a nation in which its moral & intellectual authorities refuse
to acknowledge the child prodigy whom experimentally
determined at age 3 years old, that gravitation is everywhere
present and a conservative field of force.  Ironically for Schizophrenia, Timothy Victor O’Boyle at age 3 years, 10 months used his ‘candy’ to vary the experimental condi-
tions & introduce ‘friction’ a non-conservative field of force.
(Sound Beethoven’s 5th symphony & the prelude to “Also Sprach Zarathustra”)

Thorazine was administered on Jan 1, 1991 which was two years
after Timothy worked at Lake Venice Golf Course and the C.I.A. of
George H. Bush “Drug Czar” was importing “noise candy”/”cocaine”
into the U.S. at Lake Venice Airport, adjacent to Timothy.

Folder Lake Venice Golf Course July 4, 1989- C.I.A. Drugs     Video  July 4, 1989 Lake Venice Golf Course & Venice airport, the C.I.A. & Cocaine.

Above you see, he whom Fox News ~ 3 days ago captioned as "Obama the Emperor"  Is that a typical exaggeration by Fox News?  Is Bill O'Reilly ALSO "ENERGIZED AND EXCITED FOR NEXT FEW YEARS?  After all Bill O'Reilly does have a 'world-wide experience'.Will O'Reilly ALSO Sprach for China'?  Before you 'ponder' those matters of international import and the future of your children, ponder this one:  Namely at the podium in the White House press corpse room, where even the great Shawn Hanitty in 1985 was addressed by Ronald Reagan and Hannity exhibited that video clip in 2010.... consider that in 1986 Bill Clinton would LIE about DRUGS in 1986 and in 1994 STAND at that same podium and LIE about anything he wanted including his tatooted di_k  and Monica Lewinski; consider that in 1992 George H. Bush stood at the SAME podium, SAME room, and said "read my lips" but in 1986 with Bill Clinton, George H. Bush was the author of "Cocaine Babies" Miami Herald headline 1993.  What else about 'the preachers podium U.S.?'  John McCain wanted to stand at the same podium after 2008 and you would assume that Bill O'Reilly would stoop to the position of U.S. President to stand at the SAME podium and do the SAME.  (canned laughter would be appropriate from John T. Nolan in Oct 1985- Sept 1986.)   Tell us all about the 'TRUTH' BIG BILLY.  Do 'you' think that Carlos Ledher should be put up for parole and it should be a public matter involving International security/justice and American pedophilia?    pic 1, Ein Monument-PGUFS ALONE RIGHT, Child in Flight ALONE LEFT   1st link THCLG aug’14’  pic1, Ein Monument- Carter PGUFS & Question “Would Albert Einstein agree that the Child in flight and Jimmy Carter & ‘APGUFS’ belong in this picture?   pic 2-Cheng & Interview with Einstein & Let There be Light….Belong in picture?   pic 5 ‘’’’Memoirs’’’’  TWO Pages Intro to Bush McCain, Gore, Murdoch BELONG in picture???    pic 6 ENTIRE ‘’’MEMOIRS’’-Dec 2002’BELONG ON WALL???

The above Barack Obama December 19, 2014 comes as an interruption in the previous picture "McCain Stand and Deliver Your Association with the World of John T. Nolan 1984- 1986."

   We now return to yester-year and the McCain pictures subject in 1985-1986 and TODAY, thanks to the illustrious contribution of Barck Obama on this day.  The question is for O'Reilly and "Cultural Warriors  'Who is John T. Nolan laughing at, and 'WHO' is BEHIND his LAUGH'?  Gentlemen, allow me the following propos and video:

    The subject of 'WHO' attorney John T. Nolan in Oct. 1985 is laughing at three weeks after he just lost $1.2 million of which $400,000 was his 'share' will have to wait in light of new evidence obtained on January 2, 2015.  What you are about to 'see' are videos containing Fox News and AMC television on January 2, 2015.    Keep in mind that "I" in May 1970 wrote Eric Sevareid and Arthur C. Clarke about a film on the Child's atomistic Hierarchy and that one month before on April 13, 1970 I traveled to Princeton University to see and SHARE a VISION that I thought would catapult me into World-Wide FAME.  That Vision was so powerfully beautiful and bright that it would have substantially influenced the American and world motion picture and television productions.  What you are about to see below from the American Movie Channel, viz. AMC and "The Walking Dead" would NEVER have existed in 2015, fourty five years after I wrote Sevareid and Clarke and traveled to Princeton to see John Archibald Wheeler.  Also keep in mind here that the subject here involves K.I.T.P. at U.C.S.B. and David Gross and Frank Wilczek whom are at K.I.T.P. but were there at Princeton in April 1970.  These videos are dedicated to Frank Wilczek, David Gross and John Archibald Wheeler/WYLER.

This is the documented account of the development of the VISION of 'Pure Gravitational Thinking & the Law of God' which unequivocally PROVES to children world-wide~ 3 billions, that the mind of man & REAL MEN who inculcate Reality, Light, Honesty & Trust Worthiness is special in the evolution of life in the Cosmos & it PROVES that those who are against it are REALLY & TRULY ****EVIL****. What you see here is the television programs playing simultaneously on Fox News channel 55 & AMC channel 74 on Jan 2, 2015, yesterday.  AMC is 'The American Movie Channel' where in Oct 2013 ~ 1 year ago, I 1st saw "The Exorcist" 1973 which I ignored as 'INSANE TRASH' based on it's brief advertisement TV clips.  Instead in 1973 I frequently saw "The Way We Were" Strisand, Redford.  In 1971 while working as a bus boy to earn money to Xerox 125 copies of "On the Structure of The Field" 1970, a waitress asked me to her home & arriving, wanted me to participate in a sexually VILE act.  As I left QUICKLY she hollered "Oh! Come on Tim, you know that we ALL are dirty little animals, just spending our time on this planet!!"  I rebuffed that "theme" on March 28, 1984 to neurosurgeon Marshall Poor. see the CBS Dan Rather news story "The Will to survive" Oct 1985.  Yesterday Fox news and AMC PROVED DRAMATICALLY that, that is their opinion of the world.  Yesterday "I" pointed out to David Bowden as "Night of the Walking Dead " played, that the SUBTITLE could just as well read & should read "This IS living proof that ALL men are 'Dirty little animals spending their time on this planet," Yesterday I also pointed out, came 45 years after man landed on the moon & I wrote "On the Structure of the Field" 1970 & I wrote Eric Sevareid & Arthur C Clarke about a film on the Childs atomistic hierarchy.  Note at 40 minutes into this video you see the radiator at 70 Westland Ave. Boston in April 1986 during SUBLIMATION/INTERROGATION. That radiator would then be removed so that I could, as directed under sublimation, continue with my 'Masturbation therapy' and be video taped from the apartment across the small alley way.  It was also from that apartment that the 1st use of the Amygdaloidal Annihilator was 1st used.  I think that the C.I.A. also used it on H.Ross Perot in 1992 & Bin Laden in 2011.  I DEMAND that, that video be placed on You Tube & that those who ordered & produced it 'stand up and take a bow!'  The end of this video exhibits the email list of Dec 7-10, 2010 of those whom received "Thinking in Infinite Hierarchical Cosmology" which PROVES UNEQUIVOCALLY that the brain of man & especially the beauty & clarity of children is very SPECIAL & SACRED to ALL men and CULTURES except the U.S.  The value of "The Night of the Walking Dead" AMC might be found in forcing it upon RUMMIES like MCCain before bed time when they with "paranoid alcohol withdrawals," are on an alcohol withdrawal program-- Federally funded. The theme of "The McLaughlin Group" New Years Dec 26, 2014 show was 'examples of EVIL' including ISIS & ALL panel members were required to speak to it CLEARLY.  This video concludes with a woman on the run from the Walking Dead arriving at a law firm.  Mort Zuckerman on Mc Laughlin wanted Hillary recluzed from Bengazi massacre.  Does he not recall Arkansas & "The Rose Law firm and 'Travel Gate' Vince Foster lie about suicide, gutting of his office files immediately when his corpse just went cold & her testimony in Federal Court Wash D.C. as I pedal within yards of her on a bicycle to work as a dish washer at DoubleTree Reagan Nat Airport.  When William Safire labeled her "a compulsive lier."  Now she lies & contrives & destroys evidence that cost 4 American heros their lives in a bloody 6 hour shoot out.  Also at the end here see John Podesta in the Oval Office with Barack Obama.  The above video is a REAL BORE unless you are SANE & 'Think about What CREATED THIS 45 years after the "theme" according to Eric Sevareid, of Timothy V. Krier?  To ISIS "I" say 'Whether or not God exists is not the ISSUE. The issue IS the resonance properties of The Alpha Lattice, Structure II in Hierarchical Cosmology, and what you do here influences what you are doing & will do elsewhere.  Finally a New Years question for McCain, Krauthammer, McLauglin: To wit 'Did Dr. Khan of Pakistan in 1978 have sophisticated centrifuge equipment to enrich uranium?  If Iran has an atom bomb or two would they tell you? Further on thr nuclear issue & 'the INSANE': On CNN Sunday "Stae of the Union" ~ Nov 1, 2014 James Baker stated about Nettenyahu that he ~ 25 years ago descibed U.S. Policy as BASED ON LIES & DECEPTION & for doing so or 'NOT kissing the arse of Satan' was banned from the Reagan State Department buildings in Washington D.C.. The report went on to reveal newly disclosed Obama officails describing Obama White House chatter that Netenyahu, nick name "Bee, Bee" will NOT attack Iran because "Bee, Bee is Chicken SH_T."  The fact then appears to us, the sane, that Bee, Bee has already long ago factored in the consequences for Isreal if he attacks Iran and they retaliate with that which they very likely have.  The conclusion is that the LUNATIC Jagg-off mentality of Obama & company is egging on Netenyahu to initiate the total annihilation of Isreal which would ocurr in minutes.  With Isreal GONE Obama becomes the world leader/unifier.  Netenyahu has EVERY RIGHT to produce a film on Culture & 'P.G.T.H.C.'  ...  Just before the radiator at 40 minutes is a clip of "On The Record" Feb 17, 2010 of McCain van Sustern which is 4 days AFTER "On the Record" that very office received "Valentines" Feb 13, 2010 & 'P.G.T.H.C.'  Pause & indulge yourself on 'How prophetically McCain is concerned with youth & the American dream ' leaving for each successive generation 'a better America.'  Notice the small smile & sparkle in the eyes of McCain as he jacks off VIRTUE for posterity. The resolution from the President of EUP Physics to John McCain is 'Shut Up you "Trucking" arse wipe!'  For "trucking" see "Memoirs of a child Prodigy" March 1, 2002 Faxed to McCain then about little Timmy O'Boyle 1950, who now in 2015, is the President of EUP Physics.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                  E Pluribus Un Um Physics                    February 1, 2015

                    The 1st video here was created on Jan. 23, 2015, nine days ago and it was withheld as the 1st draft & based on the Principle that ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ since at ~ 5:00 minutes a tort to the U.S. hierarchy is made.

         On January 27, 2015, four days ago “I” succeeded in a video chat with Mohammad Mirsaidi which was the 1st video chat I have ever succeeded in since fall 2006 and Askar Gatiat of Russia wanted to video chat but I had no equipment ( and the cost to video chat at Kinko’s Washington D.C. was ~ $40.00/x minutes.)
    This means that I should be able to video chat with many people & hopefully Askar & Russia, Josef Dukay, Norway… --- thanks to Mohammad Mirsaidi of Iran.  A 2nd video chat between Mohammad & I occurred two days ago.

          A revised video 1 seen here today, with a more in depth look at the ’Child Prodigy-International film issue’  is in progress.  The last 4 minutes here are the 1st pics of the revised video.

          At ~11:19 minutes you see the 2004 Nobel prize for 'Quarks have a quantum mechanical property called color and interact with each other through the exchange of gluons, natures glue.'  See picasaweb & Q.E.D.: the strange theory of light & matter" 1985 Richard P. Feynman, which suffered a MASSIVE covert censor.  Concluding Feynman tells you what he THINKS about "color" etc.  THERE WILL BE NO Quantum FIELD THEORY in the Einsteinian continuum gravitational 'P.G.T.H.C.'--- not a whisper--- in the International two part film on the Child’s Atomistic Hierarchy and INHERENT Unified Field Structure.  This Video exhibits ‘Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ followed by  KITP party, Theater, music in 2004.  In 2004 Hierarchical Cosmology was deemed buried and DEAD since 1981 & J.B. Hartle & Paul K. Hansma at U.C.S.B. with David Gross & Frank Wilczek present, BURIED the Hierarchical Cosmology Phd thesis of Timothy Victor Krier.  Timothy V. Krier emerged one year after the 2004 Nobel fraud of Gross, Wilczek & on May 14, 2005 entered the WWW with the intent to FILM, as seen in the 1st frame of this video.


In this video containing e-mail of August 3, 2013 you see that my Internet connection is continually interrupted.  In the video below you see that on July 14, 2013 two weeks before August 3, 2013, the U.S. Government has placed "Internet links" on my computer and is monitoring everything that I do.  Two weeks before that I have been poisoned with a chemical spray for the 1st time and I will continued to be sprayed as I proceed with an Exposition of 'The Crime of the Century' perpetrated by the U. S.. Government, Justice Department and K.I.T.P. Hartle/Gross at K.I.T.P in 1985-1986-2003- 2004 & today.  The Internet link was descovered March 2015 & deleted.  The following video is my reply:



                                                                     Brian Greene March 2012 on  This is 13 years after Greene on P.B.S. news April 1999 announces "Einstein, Einstein, Einstein..." & it is 9 years after Brian Greene in Oct 2003 is at 112 Mercer St., Einstein's very own home & NOT a fictional portrayal, and lectures to a dog (you) on "String theory." Think forensically.  This lecture concludes with his book signing.  By all mean buy & get a signature--- all proceedings go to c/o &  Any questions ask Cultural Warrior's at &   

                   April 8, 2015. Additional video & photos added.  In particular photos include O'Reilly pointing followed by a new label fot the DVD I "On the Structure of The Field"1969-70 with below that, the title "Father of E=Mcc".  The pointing of O'reilly back at the videos of Greene & Kaku signifies O'Reilly in raged with the denial by Greene/Kaku that "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70 CLEARLY identifies "The Father of E=Mcc!!!     Notice how BOTH Greene in the opening scenes uses excessive pointing & how O'Reilly in his regular performances & "Reality Check" 'Editorials" "Interviews" likewise enlists pointing as a 'tool' to convince & garnish respect for what he claims are  'REALITIES.' The REALITY is 'Will O'Reilly challenge Greene on the content of "On the Structure of The Field" 1969-70 & claim to fame of it's author?  Stand up like a man O'Reilly & defend your claim to have cahonies/gonads & fight like a man

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