Friday, January 24, 2014

Dec 3, 2013-''Obama the Man''-Copy Right EUP-Video''Rt.Stuff''

Dec. 3, 2013 Picasa Web upload and Face book upload.  This is the attached comment: "I lived in Washington D.C. for 10 years plus. The United States Park Police, Capital Hill Police, Secret Service both Uniformed & plain clothes & The Metropolitan Police, as well as others undercover, WATCHED out for me. They know who they are. In this video you will see one secret service clothed who watched out for me--- he is quite Good. I also dedicate this to members of the U.S. State Department who protect & defend their country, risk their lives, and have codified ALL mens rights for you to view this video which is a tribute to the country which they sought to represent. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. E Pluribus UnUm Physics."  

Note that this video concludes with video from "The Right Stuff" 1983 which I had seen ~ 3-4 times before and/or on March 28, 1984 when I suffered a subdural hematoma.  Chuck Yeager & the Astronauts where my hero's which is part of 'that which kept me alive as well as 'WHY' the sublimation/interrogation at 70 Westland Ave. Boston, Jan-May 1986 was NOT ACCEPTABLE & codified the tort that we ARE "Dirty little animals spending our time on this planet." which I REBUFFED dramatically on March 28, 1984 before two neuro-surgeons Menezes, Poor, one psychiatrist Rick Turner & three other doctors--- as seen on the C.B.S. Dan Rather news story "The Will to Survive" Oct-Nov 1985 after laughing attorney John T. Nolan.

                   If you are a young growing mind and spirit you should inquire of since one amongst you, born in the U.S.A will someday within less than 30 years become the President of the United States and You may have, at your command, "commander in chief of the most powerful nation in the world or the history of the world, the authority to launch intercontinental ballistic missles with multiple war heads of 10 megatons of nuclear hell on earth, or you may see shortly, your own Capital destroyed with suite case sized nuclear weapons., 




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