Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016. Oslo Up-date: One addition found here is at 7:14.13 minutes from in Oslo on March 1, 2010 which is two weeks AFTER ‘Valentines’ and Pure Gravitational Thinking in Hierarchical Cosmology’ on Feb 13, 2010. After ‘PGTHC’ I began finding it difficult to impossible to forward YSI. The IST receipt reads “Subject: I have just e-mailed via YSI the 324mb of KAKU-SIRUS on Time Travel-Morality- RAMPAGE OF INSANITY. It took ~ two hours and concluded “All files have been successfully uploaded.” Next: Checking “SENT” items in order to there is no record of the successfully uploaded files. Further checking my own e-mail account to which I delivered THERE WAS NO DELIVERY…… Be a patriot O’Reilly and defend your declaration of Independence. You are proud of your physics and morality aren’t you?” signed “Neted, “Intellectual Property”.. Hollywood movies..March 1, 2010.” NOTE March 1, 2010 is 8 years AFTER “Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” Faxed to Fox news Washington FROM TWO BLOCKS AWAY.

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