Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dec. 1, 2013 ''Narcissism'-Hayden/Wallace

January 22, 2014. The issue here is “a
very narcissist
ic young man” & “like negotiating with a terrorist” Michael Hayden, Dec. 1, 2013:  Here, do you see “Narcissism”?

    The F.B.I. defines Terrorism as “the use of force or violence to accomplish a political goal.”  Hayden was C.I.A. director for George W. Bush 2006-2009.  Is Hayden setting up Snowden for an assassination?  Ask Chris Wallace or try &  Can Hayden or Fox news utter the words “gravitation and Hierarchica Cosmology”? Are Hayden & Wallace Censoring the ‘children of “the American nation” as they speak ‘like narcissists’ fo that nation’? Is Allah ‘Good & Great’?  Do ‘infidels’ really exist?  Start with your own children’s ‘Right to Decide’.  That ‘God given Right’ the American ‘INFIDELS’ have taken from you beginning in March 1970 when I wrote Eric Sevareid & Arthur C. Clark to petition a film on H.C. & GRAVITATION. See
“Memoirs of a Child Prodigy” March 1, 2002 soon with a “Supplement”.

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