Friday, January 24, 2014

'The National Opiate' : 'The American Big Shot'

January 23, 2014.  Pictures of Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Palestine attached.  The issue is “narcissism”.  It IS OBVIOUS that ‘NARCISSISM’ is ‘The National Opiate.’  China, years
ago, took the tort that “Religion is the people’s opiate”.  In America
‘narcissism’ or idolatry worship IS the religion.  SEE TIME Oct 1980 on
the cover Carl Sagan was “Spokesman for science.”  Same in journalism,
religion, politics, e.g. ‘the president of the United States is the most
powerful man in the world or the history of the world’ (and he can ORDER the
execution of ANYONE whom he wants, including a child prodigy, if he can get
away with it & ‘LOOK VIRTUOUS’) the Americans do their narcissism to an
EXTREME that warrants the poem by William Blake “The Defiled Sanctuary"
also the dedication by Bertrand Russell to his stunning autobiographical works.
Check the cover of TIME Jan 20, 2014 “THE SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR WOMAN.” And
on they will go to seduce/conquer the WORLD based SOPHISTIC auras of EXPERTS,
HUMANITARIANS & the VIRTUOUS.   Link here to Blog '1/RR Universal Law of Gravitation & The American Big Shots'

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