Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016. A woman ‘Ziona of Kiev’ at ~ 24 minutes expresses her long hoped for dream ‘the impossible dream’ to produce a film on the life and culture of Kiev, Ukraine. Those words, thoughts yesterday were the ‘Raison de etre’ for beginning of Oct 27, 2009 Cultural Autonomy Series. Decisive comments are made here by myself about the modus operands of the United States Congress and institutions. The factual proof of those ‘torts’ is as clear as a nuclear weapon of 10 megaton lighting up the night sky worldwide. The 1st half of our conversation included myself claiming that I knew Edward Teller and others and that IN FACT that I am the ‘Father of E= =Mcc’ which has been proven since before May 24, 1977 and I wrote Jimmy Carter at the White House. Any questions as to legitimacy should be directed to David Gross at, Geoffrey Chew at & O’Reilly and ‘Cultural Warriors’ at as well as Drs. Arnold Menezes & Marshall Poor at

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