Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016- CBEPBAHK bank is the bank which the corner grocery store recommended I change money since I asked for"the closest bank" there near "Golden Gates Hostel." CBEPBAHK was professional & I had no idea that CBEPBAHK is a Serb bank. None the less they are INVITED & I am flattered to find this on Picasa web as you see on 7.13.16. Ziona on 7.10.16 introduced herself as VERY Patriotic to the Kiev Patriots who died there. Those patriot banks ARE invited to sponsor & be involved in filming & be recognized world-wide in the credits at the end of the film. As "I" told Gina Cella on June 30, 2015 leaving Atalantic City "I would NOT contact 'another American bank for the business account they pestered me to open' because I wanted Wells fargo's name alone in the credit at the end of the film!" My credit was FLAGGRANTLY interruptedin Oslow AFTER I up loaded the last Oslo Video from Anker Hostel room $120.00/two nights Paid by Wells fargo. I wanted the dormbed at 1/6 the price.

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